Girls, Drink All You Want! The “Hangover Makeup” is IN!

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Girls, Drink All You Want! The “Hangover Makeup” is IN!

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I think anybody has experienced a time when they had a great night out drinking with friends and coming home falling asleep, waking up to see your face a bit messed up because you left your makeup on. Well, maybe not everybody. But this apparently doesn’t matter anymore, as the “Hangover girl” style has become the new trend.

There are two points to this style; first the wetty hair, second the Ofero-gao.

The most popular hairstyle for girls was usually the Yurufuwa syle, making the girl look cute and fluffy.






However, the new wetty hair style makes the girl create a bit of a sexy look.






The term Ofero-gao comes from the words oshare (fashionable in japanese) and pheromones put together to create a look with a mixture of cuteness and sexiness.

The skin is glossy and shiny (some use glitter all over their face), eyelines are shaded, rough eyeshadowing and the biggest point is that they put a lot of blush right underneath the eyes.

Haruka Shimazaki of AKB48 was famous for doing this makeup.

A photo posted by 島崎遥香 (@paruru_run) on


A photo posted by 島崎遥香 (@paruru_run) on

This may seem strange, but anything is possible in Japanese fashion trends, right? Konyaku make-up, Yakiimo make-up, Spooky make-up, … you name it! Maybe its just a matter of taste, maybe its just the overdoing going over the top.

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