AKB48’s Yuki Kashiwagi Holds Large Scale Solo Concert in Cute Wedding Dress!

AKB48’s Yuki Kashiwagi Holds Large Scale Solo Concert in Cute Wedding Dress!

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On November 7th, AKB48‘s Yuki Kashiwagi held her one-man concert “Kashiwagi Yuki 3rd solo live Netemo Sametemo Yukirin World – Motto Muchuu ni Sasechauzo♡ –” at Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa.
This is her 3rd one-man concert to commemorate the release of her 2nd solo single “Birthday wedding.” She became the very first AKB48 member who held a solo concert  at Yokohama Arena, and it was held in the largest scale any other AKB48’s solo member had never held.


Around 10,000 fans crowded to witness the epoch-making event. At the begining, she appeared suddenly getting on a swing from the high place just above the center stage. She kicked off the concert with her newest song “Birthday wedding” in pure white wedding dress. After that, she moved to the main stage from the center stage riding a pink gondola while singing AKB48’s hit tune “Flying Get.”

Kashiwagi said, “Today, I can do lots of thing I have longed to! I might as well do what I’ve never done.” As she said, there were many more surprise performances in the concert. She challenged to sing “Rainy Day” with playing acoustic guitar for her first time. In addition, she sang her ballads songs such as “Short Cake”, “Chinmoku”, and “Kazanbai” along with a total 60-member orchestra.


In the second half of the concert, she sang “Anata to Watashi (You & Me)” that she wrote a lyric for her first time.
She shared the episode about the song, “This is my first ever song that I wrote a lyric. When I was wondering about what kind of story I should write and what I want to convey most,I reached the decision that I want to send a  thoughts and determination to all the fans. Everyone, could you receive my feelings?” She continued, “I had felt so uneasy about this solo concert in Yokohama Arena, but I’m feeling so good! Everyone, do you enjoy also?”, then she performed ‘Skirt, Hirari’ and ‘Gingham Check’ in succession. At the end of the concert, she said “In the solo performance, I feel your love more than usual. My dream is everyone’s dream will come true. I want to continue singing with all my heart and soul from now on, thank you!”

After the audience call of “encore”, a mysterious countdown was screened on the stage. Then, “French Kiss”, that is AKB48’s sub-unit Kashiwagi belongs to, appeared suddenly. The audience broke into loud cheers to the stage appearance of French Kiss including Yuki Kashiwagi, Aki Takajo, and Asuka Kuramochi. She sang their hit songs such as “If”, “Kakkowarui I love you!”, and “Zutto Maekara.”


After French Kiss’s performance, handclaps and shouts demanding encore arose from audience again. Responding to that, Kashiwagi made the stage appearance again, and performend AKB48’s newest song “Heart Ereki.” She commentedm “What a wonderful place here is! Everyone spends the time together at the same time for the same purpose! I could feel the warmth more than the number of people. I think this is not a coincidence, but fate. I want to continue singing, as long as there are people who want to listen my songs and cheer me. Today is the happiest day ever! Please let me say what I couldn’t say absolutely though I wanted to say always. Please follow me, Yuki Kashiwagi, from now on!”

She performed “Enkyori Poster” with perfect smile at the very end, and ended up her solo concert that took almost 3 hours in great success.

Photo Gallery


01. Birthday wedding
02. Seigi no Mikata ja nai Hero
03. Flying Get
05. Romance Kenjuu
06. Kuchiutsushi no Chocolate
07. Namida ni Shizumu Taiyou
08. Rainy day
09. Short Cake
10. Chinmoku
11. Kazanbai
12. Anata to Watashi
13. Demone Zutto
14. Ashita mo Waraou
15. Skirt, Hirari
16. Gingham Check
17. Juuryoku Sympathy
18. Kimi no Koto ga Suki dakara
19. Yokaze no Shiwaza

<1st encore>
20. If
21. Kakkowarui I love you!
22. Saisho no Mail
23. Romance Privacy
24. Zutto Mae kara

<2nd encore>
25. Heart Ereki
26. Enkyori Poster

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