AKIMOTO SAYAKA graduated AKB48 in first day of TOKYO DOME Live. All of 2nd member of AKB48 gathered to sing Sayaka’s graduate song!

AKIMOTO SAYAKA graduated AKB48 in first day of TOKYO DOME Live. All of 2nd member of AKB48 gathered to sing Sayaka’s graduate song!


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The show opened with Akimoto Sayaka’s opening naration.

One year after Maeda Atsuko graduated AKB48, and the new team consistance, fans expect this stage will be dramatic with the graduation of Akimoto Sayaka.

In “Flying Get,” Sayaka danced on center position and
audience screamed her name loudly.
This day, the set list seemed to be made for Akimoto Sayaka.
Sayaka and Team K performed their best set list

The audience went super craze in Team K songs, especially “Uhho Ho Uho Uho” special edition Sayaka dance in the costume of the king of apes!
She danced and smile really cheerful.
Then Sayaka appeared with old costume that she wore when she joined AKB48 and sang “Skirt Hirari.”

2nd block started with AKB kenkyusei(trainee), and SKE48, NMB48, HKT48 performed their song, especially SKE48 danced relly well and audience heated up so much.

After the show, every fans was swinging a green pen light. Whole dome seats were painted in green with 46,000 green lights and fullfilled with screaming voice of “SAYAKA!” as encore applause.

Akimoto Sayaka showed up with singing “Mushi no ballad” the song was ranked as 5th in AKB48 request hour 2013.
The memorial movie that covered her all history in AKB48, in the film everytime she smiles and makes funny face and gives smiles for everyone surround her.
It is same as today’s stage, she everytime smiles and make all audience laugh with her cheerful performance.

Sayaka saids as last greeting,
“When I joined AKB48, I couldn’t imagine to be celebrated in a big place.
I really appriciate to all fans come here and have supported me.
I’m really happy to have a graduate song written by Akimoto Yasushi Sensei.
I don’t regret to graduate AKB48. I just love this nice field and AKB48 that has grown me up.”
“I love AKB48 so much, and the days I spent with them were so happy.
After now, please support me and AKB48 forever.”

After the greeting, 2nd member of AKB48 include graduated member like, Noro kayo, Ohhori Megumi, Tomomi Kasai and so on sing the graduate song together!
The lyric of the song seemed to congratulate Sayaka’s graduation and other graduated member’s life, too.
Her last smile was so beautiful, every fan would be happy to see it.

Photo (c)AKS

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