Rising Like Steam: Akamaru Dash☆ Unveils MV for “Tabate, Waratte, Ikiteiku”

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Rising Like Steam: Akamaru Dash☆ Unveils MV for “Tabate, Waratte, Ikiteiku”

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Four-member idol unit Akamaru Dash☆, produced by famous Japanese actor/singer Tetsuya Takeda, has revealed the MV for their major debut song “Tabete, Waratte, Ikiteiku” (Eat, Laugh, Live) which will be released on October 22 by Nippon Columbia. This song has been broadcasted on TV as the commercial song for “Maruchan Akai Kitsune to Midori no Tanuki”(instant udon and soba bowl) since August.

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In the MV, they emphasize their “Tabedoru” (idol that sing, dance, and eat) concept. Each member is in charge of one instant noodle, and they eat their own noodles happily, besides other foods. The pastel colored background in the MV further enhances their cute idol image. The choreography is handled by Papaya Suzuki (best known for choreographing AKB48’s “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie”), who also did the last song “Akamaru Kyu-Josho Dash!!!!”.

Event schedule
(These are free events, but special contents will be given for who preordered the CD.)
Sep 23 12:00-/14:00- , Diver City Tokyo Plaza, Festival Hiroba
Sep 28 13:00-/15:00-, Cocoon Shintoshin, Cocoon Plaza
Oct 5 13:00-/15:00-, AEON mall Tsudanuma, 1F event space on Sakura Koen side

Live schedule
Sep 27: Idol Koshien
Venue: Akasaka BLITZ
Starts: 11:00am

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