SUPER☆GiRLS Shows Sexy Bodycon Dresses in the MV for “Koi☆Kirameke-tion!!!”
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SUPER☆ GiRLS has unveiled the music video for their new song “Koi☆Kirameke-tion!!!” which will be released on December 21st. The song is a groovy party tune with disco flavor. In the MV, all the 14 members show cute faces in bodycon dresses. (The youngest member is a tiny 13 years old girl…)





As we reported, Nana Asakawa, the “once in 1,000 years ‘baby-faced huge breasts’ (童顔巨乳, dougan kyonyuu)”, is promoted to the center in this upcoming single. So the MV seems to represent the brand-new SUPER☆GiRLS.

Check out the groovy MV for “Koi☆Kirameke-tion!!!” now!

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SUPER☆GiRLS is going to celebrate their 6th anniversary on December 22nd, and hold “SUPER☆GiRLS 6th anniversary performance” on the same day at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall.

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Koi Kiramekeshon!!! / SUPER GiRLS
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Koi Kiramekeshon!!! / SUPER GiRLS
Koi Kiramekeshon!!!

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Kenji Harada
Kenji Harada

The venerable Japanese word "kawaii" is not the adjective "cute"; it is just a word used to communicate the state of mind of feeling love for something.

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