MC MIRI (Rhymeberry) & Hachigatsu-chan (Oyasumi Hologram) to Form New Unit “8mm”!

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MC MIRI (Rhymeberry) & Hachigatsu-chan (Oyasumi Hologram) to Form New Unit “8mm”!

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Exciting combination! It is announced that MC MIRI from Rhymeberry and Hachigatsu-chan from Oyasumi Hologram will form new unit “8mm” (Hachi Miri). The name of the unit 8mm is taken from their names, as “8” reads “Hachi” in Japanese, Hachigatsu-chan’s Hachi, and “mm” is for MC “MIRI”.

The sound producer for 8mm are Hashida Kazuma who is on guitar & vocal of a band “Hakoniwa no Shitsunaigaku”, and Koichi Ogawa, a producer of Oyasumi Hologram. MC MIRI is known as having high quality of rapping skill as a school girl, and Hachigatsu chan has been gathering attention for her unique but attractive voice. Let’s look forward to seeing what kind of performance they will show!

8mm will debut on April 16th at “AN Night ~Soshite Densetsu he~” event taken place in Shinjuku LOFT.

Event information
AN Night ~Soshite Densetsu he~
Date : April 16th, 2015
Open/Start : 18:00/18:30
Venue: Shinjuku LOFT
Performers : BELLRING Shojo Heart/Rhymeberry/Oyasumi Hologram/Juju/Maison book girl/Avandoned/NECRONOMIDOL/Mizuno Shizu

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