[Editorial] 80s and 90s Songs Covered by Current Idols are Nostalgic with a Fresh Feel

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[Editorial] 80s and 90s Songs Covered by Current Idols are Nostalgic with a Fresh Feel

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For idol fans, Buono’s “Hatsukoi Cider” is very familiar. When Hello! Project wota hear the first line of this hit song, “Kiss wo ageru yo~” (“I’ll give you a kiss~”), they’ll immediately recognize Airi Suzuki’s voice, but depending on the person, a number of voices may come to mind.


Hello!Project fans didn’t want a cover of Buono!’s “Hatsukoi Cider”. However, under the leadership of OTZ, who used to be in charge of Buono!, a cover was done by the group he’s now in charge of, Friend♡Friend.

Buono!’s “Hatsukoi Cider” (MV)

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Recently things have calmed down some, but at one time a strange phenomenon was happening where cover songs were being sung too often, and if you went to see a bunch of groups perform, you were sure to hear one played. If you listened closely, you’d hear many idol fans say that they’d never heard the original before.

Of course, now there are many who perform covers of songs by Hello! Project and AKB48, but that’s because there are many idol fans that have heard them before. Because they’re songs that everyone at the venue knows, everyone can join in the fun. When everyone’s excitement spreads like fire throughout the venue, it can lead to double the fun.

A typical example would be BiS’s “nerve”. As soon as the music starts, you can be sure everyone will strike an “ebizori” pose and point. It goes without saying that the song has been covered live, and many idols have joined in on the group’s “Japan Ebizori Project”, which was planned before they disbanded and has continued on since.

The “Japan Ebizori Project”, which was planned for BiS’s disbandment on July 8, 2014. You can a number of idols doing their signature “ebizori” pose.

Perhaps a cover song’s greatest strength lies in it being a song that you’ve heard before. Based on that point alone, people will pay more attention to it.

And right now, with the concept of doing cover songs, one group has been gaining popularity. This group is none other than Idol Renaissance. Their covers span a wide range of hits, many of them of songs that came out before the members were born. Because a large number of current idol artist fans are in their 30s or 40s, they often stick to older hits.


With their “hit song renaissance” theme, Idol Renaissance is bringing back many of Japan’s famous, older numbers. They might be young, but they’re covering idol songs like Kyoko Koizumi’s “Kogarashi ni Dakarete”.

~“Futari no Akaboshi” and “Kogarashi ni Dakarete” Debut~ [December 12th Ebisu de Omoide Travel Renaissance vol.2 Digest] by Idol Renaissance

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In this way, because so-called middle-aged idol fans are also experiencing the idol boom of the 80s and 90s, their level of interest in current idol music is also higher. There are definitely groups that are hooked on this trend, and this time we’d like to introduce some of them to you. These are the idols that are covering 80s and 90s idol songs.

…Get deeper knowledge about idols that are covering 80s and 90s idol songs!

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