Try Baking Pizza with The Stone Oven at “DROP Ebisu”- An Italian Bal Famous For Oyster And Pizza

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Try Baking Pizza with The Stone Oven at “DROP Ebisu”- An Italian Bal Famous For Oyster And Pizza
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An Italian bar, where you can enjoy both the good drink and food is popular in Japan. “DROP Ebisu” is one of the rare Italian bars that has a service where customers can actually make their stone oven pizza. This time, Kumiko Funayama, Ai Matsumoto, and Hikari Shiina, visited DROP Ebisu to bake a delicious pizza!


Under the guidance of the store manager, the pizza baking session started!

The process of making the pizza is…

1.Roll out the dough
2.Spread the tomato sauce
3.Put it in the stone oven and bake

These are the three main steps. Since we had three people, Kumiko, Ai, and Hikari split up their work by these steps.


The first step of rolling out the dough was done by Kumiko Funayama. In DROP, they rolled out the dough using their hands instead of using the rolling pin. They used their palm and pushed the dough from the center to the outside, rotated the dough and rolled it out 360 degrees so that it became a round circle. Then, they pounded the dough on the table and rolled it out again. Kumiko continued this process until it became thin like the photo.


Next, Ai Matsumoto worked on the topping. After evenly spreading the tomato sauce, she placed the topping ingredients of mozzarella cheese and basil, and sprinkled grated cheese on the entire surface. Since the three love cheese, they put plenty of cheese on top! Being able to adjust the ingredients according to your preferences is the good thing about making it yourself.



Lastly, Hikari Shiina placed the unbaked pizza inside the stone oven. She had to be careful so that the pizza dough would not be torn since it was very thin. The pizza was baked in only 2 to 3 minutes after put into the stone oven higher than 400 degrees!


They sit around the table and ate the pizza hot from the oven. The pizza baked for a short time in the stone oven was delicious having a soft surface and crispy side on the back. The three seemed to enjoy their conversation with the store manager and had a delightful expression on their face.

drop-ebisu-kawaii-asia-08 drop-ebisu-kawaii-asia-09

This pizza-making plan has a reasonable price of 1500 yen including the pizza that you make, an additional pizza made by the professional, and a drink. (On Sunday, it costs 2000 yen with additional tapas). Of course, you can just have the meal without making it as well! There is also a menu where you can eat oyster and pizza as much as you like. When you ever get tired of washoku during your trip in Japan, why don’t you visit DROP Ebisu and try the stone oven pizza?


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DROP Ebisu
Address : 1-7-8, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan, New life Ebisu, Room 103
Nearest Station : Ebisu
TEL : 03-6303-4427



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