Feel the Super Surrealism! The Mysterious Girls’ Rock Band 5572320 Releases New MV for “Ponpara Pecorna Papiyotta”

Feel the Super Surrealism! The Mysterious Girls’ Rock Band 5572320 Releases New MV for “Ponpara Pecorna Papiyotta”

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The mysterious girls’ rock band “5572320“(go go nana ni san ni rei) which revealed as an idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, releases new MV for the second single “Ponpara Pecorna Papiyotta“.

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557230 is a performance unit that was formed as a collaboration with Coconut Sable celebrating its 50th anniversary. Their first single, released in March of this year, “Half a Century Honor student” (Hanseiki Yuutousei) featured an ultra-irregular instrumentation style with five guitarists and three drummers, creating a super deep rock number. The music video exceeded 1.8 million views within a week after the release, creating buzz on the internet called as “mysterious girl band”.
*Read the guerrilla live report of their first stage here 

For Ponpara Pecorna Papiyotta, Yoko Kanno handled the composition, with KenKen, Hideki Aoyama, and Tsuneo Imahori performing, creating a truly star-studded lineup of leading artists. The previous track was about desire for change, while this track explores the internal struggle between whether one should or should not change, depicting the period of turmoil when one transitions from a child to an adult. The music video, directed by Sojiro Kamatani, depicts in a surrealistic dance form the struggles of a young girl, suggesting an edgy world view. The single goes global pre-release online on October 5th, and will be included only in Type A of their latest single “Super Hero”.

In advance of the official release of Ponpara Pecorna Papiyotta, the band has released promotional teaser videos on MixChannel, a video community site popular among middle and high school students.

They are posting various videos on their account (Kokonanisanimaru♪), such as choral interpretations of popular memes. The videos have been viewed over 2 million times in total, becoming a much-talked about as hot topic. What will 5572320 surprise us with next?

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