Mysterious No More : 5572320 Finally Reveal Their Faces in the Full MV “Hanseiki Yuutousei”

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Mysterious No More :  5572320 Finally Reveal Their Faces in the Full MV “Hanseiki Yuutousei”

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The mysterious skilled girls’ rock band 5572320 (read: go go nana ni san ni rei) finally reveals their appearance in the full version of MV for “Hanseiki Yuutousei” (Half a Century Honor Student)!

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Did you recognize who they are? They are members of idol group “Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku”.By watching the behind the scenes video for the MV, it seems that Ebichu (short for Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku) worked really hard to be able to play such unconventional music.

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5572320’s music is packed with dissonance and syncopation but, their formation is also unorthodox! Three drummers and five guitarists but no bass player! Could it be that all this complexity is meant to reflect the complex feelings of youth? The lyrics talk about the desire to change oneself, a common feeling during one’s teen years. The contrast between the hard music and setting which looks like it could be an idol music video makes an interesting statement as well.

Shortly before this video was released, they revealed their identity during a “guerrilla live” in front of Shinjuku station. We’ll report it soon as well.

5572320 Official Site :

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