Breaking News : Hina Aizuki to Graduate From 3min. at April 2nd Live!

Breaking News : Hina Aizuki to Graduate From 3min. at April 2nd Live!

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It was announced that Hina Aizuki will be graduating the group and entertainment industry after 3min.’s one-man concert on April 2nd at Shibuya Dr.JEEKAHN’s. The announcement was suddenly made after 3min. finished their performance during their Teiki Kouen “palet & 3min. Friday night” at Akihabara Cultures Theatre held on March 4th, today.


Aizuki shared her thoughts while smiling, saying “It has been 5 years since I entered the production company and I have spent about 3 years as a member of 3min. I made this decision because I want to have some time to take a look at myself again. Playing a role in 3min. and meeting you guys supporting me, those are really valuable things for me.
I am sorry that this announcement is very sudden. I will always be with a smile, so everyone please keep supporting me to the end!”

3min. is now holding release events for their first mini album “A to Z” will be released on March 30th.
Don’t miss their activities and keep smiling for Hina!


3min. One-man Live commemorating the release of “A to Z”
Date : March 33rd, 2016 (April 2nd)
Place : Shibuya DR.JEEKAHNS
Open 5:30 pm / Start 6:00 pm
Ticket :

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