Sexy Cosplayer! Model! Sake Evengelist! Do You Know Tsunamayo?

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Sexy Cosplayer! Model! Sake Evengelist! Do You Know Tsunamayo?

Do you know the popular and charismatic Tsunamayo? Not only does she do high quality cosplay, she also models, and is also a foodie! Her devotion to a wide array of interests and enthusiasm to share her findings has won her a nearly endless number of fans. Here we would like to feature Tsunamayo, the personality that will be sure to keep surprising in 2017 as well!

The Turning Point of her First Cosplay!

It was at the 2014 winter comic market where Tsunamayo made her cosplay debut as Hanabusa from ZONE00. Published in the weekly magazine Friday, she became famous almost immediately even though it was her first time.

Morrigan (Vampire Hunter Utatane Hiroyuki version)

Chun-Li (Street Fighter)


Flower Girl (sakizo illustration collection)

Since then, she has done many sexy cosplays, making her one of the most popular cosplayers. When she does cosplay, she always keeps in mind “Quality before quantity” and “Pay respect to the original work”. Her outfits are completely order made, having them tailored to fit her every curve. Although she does many sexy cosplay, she never forgets to pay respect to the work, making sure to not do anything that deviates too extremely from the original.

Modeling for Creators

Lace Limitation (Apparel Brand: Parafaite)

Nose Art Queen – Magazine: Scale Aviation gravure


Photographer zigen x Vogue hair/make-up artist collaboration


Portrait: Photographer Chikashi Kasai


Ushijima Iiniku – Catalogue photo album: “Pure”

Rope artist Hajime Kinoko

Recently she has been doing activities other than cosplay such as modeling in magazines and for new rising creators. She is happy to be a part of her favorite artists’ works.

Spreading the Gospel of Sake!


Nabeshima by Kirishima of Saga Prefecture which won the trophy in the 2011 International Wine Challenge.


Taka, the famous sake of Yamaguchi prefecture, noted for its refreshing flavor.


Sogga pére et fils, a rare sake produced by winery Nagano Obuse.

Participating in several Japanese sake events in 2016.

Understanding the joy of serving customers and having worked in restaurants from the age of 16, when I was able to drink sake I became concerned about which foods could be paired with them, leading to me getting certification. After that, she worked for 4 years as the manager of a recommended sake bar, training as a chef for 2 years. She’s currently saving up money right now to open a place of her own in the future.

“Because there are people who may think they can’t drink sake or are inexperienced with it, I independently coordinate these sort of events 2-3 times a year to help them appreciate it better, suggesting which ones pair best with foods and letting them experience the flavors together.”

The multi-talented Tsunamayo will be at Comiket 91 on December 29, 2016 selling 2 types of her photo ROMs. It will be a great chance for you to meet her! She will also have many events during the year-end/New Year’s holiday so make sure to check her Twitter for updates!

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