SHE IS BACK! Seiko Oomori Returns from Maternity Leave with New Single “ JOY! Before After”

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SHE IS BACK!  Seiko Oomori Returns from Maternity Leave with New Single “ JOY! Before After”

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It is announced that Seiko Oomori will release double A side single “ JOY! Before After” (release date : February 17th, 2016), and it is the first single after her childbirth on October 2015.

“” was originally the one of the sound tracks for the film “Wonderful World End” (released on Jan 2015) which Ai Hashimoto and Jun Aonami are playing the main roles. However, welcoming Seiji Kameda as the sound producer for this song, the song will come out as another style with more ensembles.

“Gekiteki JOY! Before After” is the theme song for the film “Heavy Shabby Girl” directed by Kanae Higashi, the designer of Hand-knitting brand “Rurumuu”, and Shinya Okuno (Soul Flower Union) works as the sound producer for the song.

The single also includes another song “Fan letter” which is just Oomori singing and playing the guitar, in addition the two songs above.


The single will be released in two types, the regular edition and the limited edition. The limited edition comes out as super exclusive box designed and includes special T-shirts designed by Kanae Higashi, and Oomori’s detailed bad/unlucky history table. Surprisingly, each limited edition’s single has her real signature and serial number! The design of the box is by upcoming illustrator Ayaco Hino. It costs ¥10,000!


The special limited edition


T-shirts designed by Kanae Higashi


On the very next day of the new single’s release, she will hold her solo concert “HELLO WORLD” MY NO. IS ZERO” at Akasaka BLITZ. However, the tickets are already all sold out. In addition to the single’s release and the concert, Seiko Oomori will release a book “Kakegae no Nai Magma Oomori Seiko Gekihaku” (release date : January 30th, 2016) in collaboration with the popular poet Saihate Tahi.

Have you seen such a energetic female artist who get back her activity soon after her childbirth?! She is still 28 years old and probably has so many messages she wants to express in various way, I expect it.

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Limited edition 


Regular edition 

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