Put Ya Hands Up! How Do Japanese Party People Get Wild in Tokyo?

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Put Ya Hands Up! How Do Japanese Party People Get Wild in Tokyo?

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Holding parties may be common in the States or Europe, but for the Japanese who do not have the culture to have party nights, “Paripi” is recognized as the “cool people”.

Paripi”, an abbreviation for “Party people”, is a popular term in Japan that received top rank in the 2015 Buzzwords-of-the-year contest. It is a term that is often used among young teenagers and university students, and was originally recognized as people who frequently enjoy going to social events such as parties and clubs.

Paripi is a popular term to the point where there is even a song about it by Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari)!

However, recently, “Paripi” does not only refer to young people who spend their night at clubs and parties, but also to those who celebrate every upcoming events, go to places where a large crowd gathers, and hold mini-parties at home.

Now, let me introduce you 2 kinds of “Paripi”!

1. Event-type Paripi

Some examples of Event-type Paripi are:

Going to Bubble party


Dressing up for Halloween and walking around Shibuya



Going to music festivals


Going to a beach with a crowd12524102_10205910382661861_5795440889393714771_n

Holding a limousine party


and being splashed by color powder at color run.

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2. Inside-house type Paripi

Another type of Paripi is slightly different to the “Event-type” in terms of location, and the party is held inside the house. This type of Paripi often holds home parties such as takoyaki-parties and nabe(hot pot) parties. We can sense the youngness in this type of events since Takoyaki party is often  abbreviated as “Takopa” and Nabe party as “Nabepa”, and Japanese students just LOVE to abbreviate every word.



Usually, “Paripi” refers to teenagers or those in their young 20s, but recently it seems like there are people in their 30s who fit in the category of “Event-type Paripi”.  While events aimed at this group of people are becoming popular, it is quite clear that the notion of Paripi has emerged from the admiration of the parties seen in Western movies and TVs.

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