Hello! Ninjas? Hello! Project Collaboration With gumi for Mobile Game Nin Tsuku!

Hello! Ninjas? Hello! Project Collaboration With gumi for Mobile Game Nin Tsuku!

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Hina Matsuri (girls’ day) is known for dolls but there were also ninja on display at Yokohama Pacifico on March 28, 2015! On the first day of Hello! Project Hina Fest 2015 ~Mankai! The Girls’ Festival~, Maimi Yajima and Mai Hagiwara (℃-ute), Haruna Iikubo (Morning Musume. ’15), Akari Uemura (Juice=Juice), Kanon Fukuda (ANGERME), and Mai Ozeki (Country Girls) appeared in ninja cosplay to announce their collaboration with the mobile game Nin Tsuku. Joining them as special support members were Karin Miyamoto (Juice=Juice), Rina Katsuta (ANGERME), Haruna Ogata (Morning Musume. ’15), and Chisaki Morito (Country Girls).

Despite the cute appearance of the game, it was assured that even “hard gamers” could find it challenging, especially with the option to edit the stages to adjust the difficulty. Maimi Yajima expressed difficulty in passing some of the stages and asked the producer to make the game easier.

The ninjas appear!

The members discussed the various points of their outfits, Yajima commenting on her slightly boyish outfit that was different from the others.

There was a tournament of sorts where a representative from each group would attempt to pass one of the stages from the game. The loser would be made to do an embarrassing “ninja-themed” pose while everyone gathered would be free to take as many pictures as they wanted. The MC even urged them to post the pictures to Twitter as extra motivation for the Hello! project members to do their best.

Nin Tsuku tournament begin!

First up was Mai Ozeki (Country Girls) and when asked if she was nervous, she replied almost immediately, “No I’m not!” She backed up her words as she flew through the level in only a few seconds! After, Ozeki admitted that she had been practicing before the event.

Second was Mai Hagiwara (℃-ute), who admitted that she was no good at playing games but would try her best. Hagiwara asked if the level had gotten harder after her ninja failed to clear the stage 3 times in a row. While she was a failure at gaming, as usual she was able to stir the hearts of the fans in the audience as she shrieked and panicked whenever she approached an enemy.

Haruna Iikubo (Morning Musume. ’15) expressed relief after seeing how badly Hagiwara did but, felt pressure since she said that she likes games. Despite some tense moments, Iikubo was able to pass on her first try, blurting out, “that was kind of easy!”

Kanon Fukuda (ANGERME) might have been the most nervous, claiming that she had never done a “batsu game” (punishment) before, which might have been the reason that she failed right before the goal on her first attempt. There was a funny moment when she panicked on the second attempt and asked Rina Katsuta “which one am I? I can’t see!”

Akari Uemura (Juice=Juice) ran straight into one of the enemies on her first attempt but, Karin Miyamoto might have won the MVP for support member, encouraging her and even nodding her head every time that Uemura’s character jumped. Uemura managed to pass on her second attempt.

Batsu game time!

With everyone except Mai Hagiawara having passed their stage, the loser of the tournament was an easy decision. Pulling her leader Maimi Yajima into the punishment, they did what they thought was a ninja pose but has any ninja ever sone such a pose before? It looks more like something Ultraman or a character from a magical girl anime would do! It’s okay though since it’s ℃-ute!

Mai Hagiwara (℃-ute) who couldn’t pass the stage and Mai Ozeki (Country Girls) who cleared it the fastest.


If you are a Hello! Project fan, go download Nin Tsuku for your device right now!

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Photos by Yosuke Mochizuki

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