AKB48 Debut Haruna Kojima-Produced Special Stage “Koukando Bakuage” at AKB48 Theater!

AKB48 Debut Haruna Kojima-Produced Special Stage “Koukando Bakuage” at AKB48 Theater!

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AKB48 raised the curtain on the Haruna Kojima-produced special stage “Koukando Bakuage” at the AKB48 Theater on November 21, 2016.


Opening with a video showing Kojima’s performances at the AKB48 theater throughout her 11 years with the group since its inception, “Kojiharu” (Kojima’s nickname) declared, “I won’t let it end like this! I will do something with the time I have left!”. The performance began with “Skirt, Hirari”, the very first unit song that she was placed in, however, Kojima quickly brought things to a halt, exclaiming, “What’s with these dull members”, harshly rebuking Miho Miyazaki, Shizuka Oya, Chisato Nakata, Haruka Shimada, Rina Izuta, and Chiyori Nakanishi, who were on stage with her and causing the fans to laugh loudly at seeing such an ill-tempered “Kojiharu”, making for a never before seen opening to an AKB48 stage (especially on opening day).


More laughs followed as close friend Minami Minegishi divulged to the fans that it seemed like Kojima had purposely picked songs which she didn’t need much time to rehearse and assembled members that had schedules that matched up with hers, calling it a “mishmash of a stage”. Kojima attempted to rebuke the situation by calling it a “special mishmash” because it had “her favorite songs and beloved cute members”. Despite the accusation, Kojima was far from slacking off as all the unit songs had her in them: alongside Team 8 member Rin Okabe for “Shinkirou”, with Minegishi and Ayana Shinozaki for “Relax!”, “Dakishimeraretara” with “younger sister” Natsuki Kojima and Chisato Nakata, and with Yuiri Murayama, Megu Taniguchi, Miyu Omori, Yui Hiwatashi, Satone Kubo, Minegishi, and Okabe for “Seifuku ga Jawa wo Suru”.

The stage drew to a close with the Kojima-centered “Heart・Ereki” and “Green Flash”.


During the encore, Mayu Watanabe made a surprise appearance for “Jun’ai no Crescendo”, exciting the fans. In typical “Kojiharu” fashion, Kojima again irked her “beloved cute members” by loudly exclaiming “I’m so happy you came! Thank you for decorating the stage with flowers (a euphemism for beautifying)!” Again, the theater was filled with laughter at the air-headed comment. The encore coming to a close with “Yuuhi wo Miteruka?”, Kojima expressed her thanks to the members, staff, and fans, vowing to do her best in the remaining time she had left in AKB48. It was an evening truly made possible by the hand of Haruna Kojima, a valued member of AKB48 who will truly be missed when she graduates at the end of February in 2017.

Also announced was AKB48’s 8th album which will include the singles “Kuchibiru Be My Baby”, 365-Nichi no Kamihikouki”, Kimi wa Melody”, “Tsubasa wa Iranai”, “LOVE TRIP”, “Shiawase wo Wakenasai”, and “Hikari to Kage no Hibi”, High Tension”, as well as several new songs. Each version will include a serial number to apply for a special live to be held at Toyosu PIT on March 1 (Type-A) and March 2 (Type-B).

Participating Members

Haruna Kojima, Shizuka Oya, Natsuki Kojima, Megu Taniguchi, Chiyori Nakanishi, Yui Hiwatashi, Miho Miyazaki, Maria Abe, Ayana Shinozaki, Haruka Shimada, Chisato Nakata, Minami Minegishi, Rina Izuta, Miyu Omori, Yuiri Murayama, Rin Okabe, Satone Kubo, Mayu Watanabe (guest)

Set List

00 Overture
01 Skirt, Hirari
02 Dear my teacher
03 Iiwake Maybe
04 Only today
05 Senaka Kara Dakishimete
06 Namida no Shounan
07 Shinkirou
08 Relax!
09 Dakishimeraretara
10 Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru
11 Kaiyuugyo no Capacity
12 Heart・Ereki
13 Green Flash

E1 Jun’ai no Crescendo
E2 Oogoe Diamond
E3 Yuuhi wo Miteruka?

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Title is to be announced (8th Album) / AKB48
Title is to be announced (8th Album) / AKB48
Title is to be announced (8th Album) / AKB48

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