A Carnival Happens Once in a Year! AKB48,SKE48, and HKT48 Halloween Event Report

A Carnival Happens Once in a Year! AKB48,SKE48, and HKT48 Halloween Event Report

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AKB48 has been getting us ready for Halloween since their latest single “Halloween Night” came out! The day of Halloween finally came and many of the 48 groups had Halloween related events.



AKB48 released the single “Halloween Night” in August and since then, they have been taking part in many Halloween events and disco events. The day before Halloween, at the AKB48 theatre, there was a “Halloween Eve” performance. On the day of Halloween they had their “Halloween Day” performance. The members dressed up in costumes said good bye to you that day.

Other than the AKB48 theatre, there were Halloween events. At the AKB48 CAFE&SHOP, Rena Kato, Yuria Kizaki and 2 other members came to the shop as a surprise and gave away “Halloween Night” goods as presents to the visitors. 6 members also showed up at Tower Records in Shibuya as a surprise. Mayu Watanabe,Rino Sashihara and other members performed 3 songs including “Halloween Night” .



The SKE48  Kenkyusei performance “Party ga Hajimaruyo” was a Halloween performance. After the encore, 16 members in costumes of sisters, devils, cats, pirates and all sorts came on stage. They performed 4 songs “SKE48“, “Skirt,Hirari“,”Maenomeri“,and “Sakura no Hanabiratachi“. The members also did a voting on the best costume award with the visitors who came in costumes. The 2 people chosen for costume award got to take a 2 shot polaroid photo, and the 1 person for the best costume award received a 2 shot polaroid photo and a ticket for seeing their theatre performance in 98 out of a 100 chance. After the performance, message cards written by the members were handed out. On the day of Halloween, a hand shake event took place in Kyoto and members dressed up in costumes too.


The HKT48 theatre had a Halloween party. A life-size panel of the members in Halloween costumes were outside the theatre and there were mirror balls inside the theatre lobby. For those who showed up in costumes, there was a official camera man of HKT48 that was their to take photos at the booth. During the performance, there was a costume contest. 3rd place received an assortment of snacks and candy, 2nd place received a magic kit, and 1st place received a Spangle Jacket that reminds you of the “Halloween Night” MV. During the encore, they performed “Halloween Night”. After the performance, all visitors were given message cards by the members and candy.


It seems like everybody was enjoying the spooky fun day with their favorite girl! Maybe tryout dressing up in a costume in next years Halloween!

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