Rookie Rock Idols Level Up! DEEP GIRL Tokyo Idol Festival Debut!

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Rookie Rock Idols Level Up! DEEP GIRL Tokyo Idol Festival Debut!

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Appearing at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 was the realization of a dream for the members of newcomer rock idol group DEEP GIRL, especially after the ultimatum “Oricon top 10 or disband!” accompanied the announcement of their debut single in May.

While it was already amazing that they managed to sell more than 11,000 copies of their self-titled debut single during a very busy month packed with releases, the announcement of DEEP GIRL appearing at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 must have been even more shocking. Maybe, not that shocking since DEEP GIRL was born from a Fuji TV show of the same name (Fuji TV is the organizer of Tokyo Idol Festival). Next to LADY BABY’s performance at the Miss iD Stage the following afternoon, DEEP GIRL might have had one of the most-anticipated songs of the first weekend of August.

The air still thick from the previous Otome Shinto x DIANNA☆SWEET collaboration, the members of DEEP GIRL made their entrance onto the dark stage, with rectuangular sunglasses covering their eyes. The intro music sounded like outtakes from a 1980’s scifi action movie, punctuated by synths and MIDI guitar, the melody beginning to spiral and crescendo as Non took her place in the middle of the stage.

When the stage lights came on, the members of DEEP GIRL began banging their heads as Non screamed out to begin the song that had brought them to the largest idol festival in the world. The performance could probably be best described as “loose” (yurui 緩い), which is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to an idol performance. Many rock/metal idol groups are popular for their loose and carefree stage performances, which can be unpredictable and exciting. They even did a small “wall of death” on stage, similar to the one in the MV.

The other members left the stage, leaving Yuuyu Arata by herself, causing a few murmurs of uncertainty to rush through the audience. While still breathing hard, she addressed the audience, explaining that it was their first performance at Tokyo Idol Festival but how they had gathered together more than 1 year ago. She expressed her gratitude for being able to appear on the stage and how she had been at Tokyo Idol Festival the previous year as a guest and had always wanted to be on the same stage just like her seniors Afilia Saga (Stand-Up Hearts is the trainee unit). Even though Stand-Up Hearts was not invited to Tokyo Idol Festival or grated a CD single, DEEP GIRL was and it was her chance. She thanked everyone for their support and asked them to continue to support her and the other members in the future. Erina returned to the stage, putting an arm around Yuuyu and saying, “That’s it! We have been DEEP GIRL! Thank you very much!” She raised Yuuyu’s hand as if she had been declared the winner of a boxing match and they walked off their first Tokyo Idol Festival stage together.

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Photos by Kenji Harada

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