A “Colorful” Future Awaits in the MV for Ange☆Reve’s 3rd DVD Single!

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A “Colorful” Future Awaits in the MV for Ange☆Reve’s 3rd DVD Single!

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Ange☆Reve surprises fans with the catchy pop MV for “Colorful” (release date: October 19), a song that is set to rock hearts!

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Unlike their previous singles “Stare” and “Maybe Baby”, “Colorful” offers a peek into the members’ lives as they attempt to balance school, work and their idol careers. In preparation for this, the members have been doing 5K runs so as to brush up their stamina and endurance. Embedded in the lyrics are the dreams and aspirations of these angels to be who are going through the painful journey towards their goals. Despite so, these aspiring angels are serious in going where they want to be and look forward to a Colorful future. This is the first single for Akari Matsuwaki (aka “Akaringo”) who joined Ange☆Reve in July.

“Colorful” is a DVD Single, which includes the full MV, a dance version of “Colorful”, and of course, if you want to see the playful side of these angels, there’s also the Making of version.

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