5 Hottest Slang Words Which Are Used Among Japanese School Girls in 2016

5 Hottest Slang Words Which Are Used Among Japanese School Girls in 2016

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The meaning of words are changing over time. Some words become obsolete and new words are made. It is happening everywhere in the world.

Usually slang comes from young people and so do in Japan. In the case of Japan, new slang are always made by school girls. What is current trend among them then? A TV program “Mezamashi TV” announced “School Girls’ Trend Words Award 2016” and Japanese people (EXCEPT SCHOOL GIRLS!!) were shocked by them as most of them were super incomprehensible. The result came from the interview with around 400 school girls.

#5 : Hageru (ハゲる)

Hageru is a verb which means going bald. However, this “hageru” is not used literally. This is used when you’re extremely excited or happy and all your hairs are almost falling out.

e.g.) Kakkoyosugi te Hage sou / かっこよすぎてハゲそう (He is TOO HOT and I am going bald.)

#4 : Amore (アモーレ)

Japanese people love Katakana (mostly used for describing foreign words and names) as it looks cool. “Amore” means “Love” in Italian, and this word became popular after Japanese football player Yuto Nagatomo used when implying “amore” as his girlfriend.

e.g.) Honto, amore! / ほんとアモーレ!(You’re my love!)

#3 : ~~ maru (〜〜まる)

“Maru” itself doesn’t mean anything. It is used in the end of  sentences to make it sounds softer. Also, it sounds cute in a way.

e.g.) Daisuki maru /大好きまる (I love you~~)

#2 : Yoki (よき)

“Yoki” is classic way of saying “Yoi” which means good. School girls learn Japanese classical literature at school, and suddenly they started used classic word. Novelist from the old time never expected this would happen in the future.

e.g.) Yoki yoki / よきよき (That’s good.)

#1 : 卍 (Manji, まんじ)

This trend came from popular Vine user Reika Ozeki. In her post, she used this mark as describing a naughty guy.

Now school girls are using it to describe “naughty person” no matter the person is male or female.

e.g.) Ano ko cho 卍 / あの子超卍 ( She’s so naughty)

How was it? Did you recognized any of them before? If you are not Japanese school girls, you must have not heard any of them…no? It is uncertain that until when words will be used, so try using it now!

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