Not Cover Song, nor Copy! Imitation Make-up Artist “Zawachin” will Make a Debut as a Singer in April 2016

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Not Cover Song, nor Copy! Imitation Make-up Artist “Zawachin” will Make a Debut as a Singer in April 2016

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Zawachin, who is known as “the queen of imitation makeup” (monomane meiku), will make a debut as a singer on April 2016!


It’s not Tomomi Itano (former AKB48), but Zawachin with monomane make-up!

Her makeup techniques is amazingly beyond everyone’s imagination and he has hit the big time. Zawachin was showered with attention for her imitation makeup which made her look exactly like popular former AKB48 member Tomomi Itano, and then continued to various Japanese models/celebrities, such as Rola, Mirei Kiritani, Christel Takigawa, Suzu Hirose, Yuko Oshima (former AKB48), and they themselves praise the high-quality imitation makeup highly!

Then she started to do imitation makeup not only limited to Japanese and female, but oversea celebrities and artists, and even male people!

One Direction by Zawachin

One Direction by Zawachin!

She became popular with this amazing imitation makeup, but she has been also interested in music and her dream comes true this time!  She will make CD debut on April with 1st single “Mada Minu Sekai”, from new label “star” in collaboration with Universal Music. The song is about positive future expectations and she reflects her thoughts in the song as she writes the lyrics for that. For future projects, it is also planned to have an audition for her back band members and creators who support her music.

Whenever Zawachin displays her monomane meiku,  she is always hiding her mouth using things like her hands or a surgical mask as no matter what technique she uses, changing the shape of the mouth has proven difficult, however, as a musician, she says she will take off the surgical mask and reveal her face.

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