Become a Completely Different Person Through the Power of Makeup! The Amazing Monomane Meiku of Zawachin!!

Become a Completely Different Person Through the Power of Makeup! The Amazing Monomane Meiku of Zawachin!!

Zawachin's Makeup for 1D Contest

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Through makeup I want to become unbelievably cute!Hasnt every girl had this thought at some point? In Japan there are words like seikeikyuu meiku (cosmetic surgery level makeup)and countless features on makeup techniques designed to hide problem areas. But now, the queen of makeup techniques which beyond girls’ imagination, Zawachinhas hit the big time. Almost overnight, Zawachin was  showered with attention for her monomane meiku (imitation makeup) which made her look exactly like popular former AKB48 member Tomomi Itano. Currently, there isnt a day where one cannot see her on television or in magazines. Zawachins makeup techniques not only easily crossover the borders of cute transformation, but also those of ethnicity and gender, allowing her to become completely different people.


zawachin-suppin zawachin-tomo

Originally, Zawachins appearance lacked distinction, with droopy double eyelids and a low nose bridge (How rude!). Which is why its surprising that she was able to, through the power of makeup, transform not just into a popular idol but also a world famous top model.

There are two important points for monomane meiku: shaping the eyebrows and getting the eyelid folds to look exactly like those of the famous person. In order to do that, one must first cover up their eyebrows with concealer and then draw on new ones on top. In the case of transforming into a man with thicker, darker eyebrows, black eyelash mascara containing fibers is added. In order to create the eyelid folds, a special product called Mezaikis used to adjust the shape/style of the eyelids accordingly. Mezaik is a product that uses long, thin fibers that stick to the eyelid and allow one to make new folds in the skin.



Using those techniques freely, Zawachin is able to transform herself into a lot of different characters. However, her technique has one flaw; she never shows her mouth. Whenever Zawachin displays her monomane meiku, does she realize that she seems to be is always hiding her mouth using things like her hands or a surgical mask? It seems that no matter what technique she uses, changing the shape of the mouth has proven difficult.

このようなテクニックを駆使して、いろんな人物に変身するざわちん。しかし、彼女のメイクにもひとつだけ弱点が。それは口元から下の輪郭は見せられないこと。ざわちんがモノマネメイクをする際、マスクや手を使って必ず口元を隠していることには気づきましたか? なんでも、どんなメイクの技術を使っても口元から下の輪郭を変えることは難しいのだそうです。
zawachin-taki zawachin-ayu zawachin-ari

Also, in the some hundred examples taken from an angle, featured on her blog she selects the pictures that look the most similar. Before she does her monomane meiku, she will post dozens of headshots of the person that she intends to imitate and research on how she will recreate that look. Behind the creation of these monomane meiku, there is a lot of effort involved aside from just makeup skills, isnt there? At first, Zawachin would copy the makeup (mane meiku) of models that she respected in attempts to become like them. Before you get depressed worrying about your faults/problem areas, what do you think of the research she did on how to stand out as her new self?


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