Australian Rapper Drop It Like It’s “Kawaii”! Yung Gemmy Releases New Video “CUTEST IN THE GAME”
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Yung Gemmy, singer, rapper, cosplayer and Japanese “kawaii” pop-culture enthusiast from Adelaide, Australia, have released her latest track, “CUTEST IN THE GAME” on January 16th (Sat), 2016 from her official Youtube channel. The track is also released in her official soundcloud as well from January 15th (Fri) 2016.

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The video of the “CUTEST IN THE GAME” is filled with playfulness in the room filled with “kawaii” toys and hanging around at arcades to fill up more with toys. Just by listening to the track, her smooth rap and the attitude makes us forget that Yung Gemmy as a “kawaii” enthusiast. But in the new video, she just makes it right, even making “kawaii” style to cool and smooth.

We’re checking Yung Gemmy what cool “kawaii” rap she will come up next!

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