Yun*chi’s famous tune is remixed by Avec Avec, a cool track maker!

Yun*chi’s famous tune is remixed by Avec Avec, a cool track maker!

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Have you heard of Yun*chi? She is a singer who has becoming popular as a new generation’s pop icon! And Yun*chi’s famous song “Your song*”, which has been played as an ending theme song of an anime named “Log Horizon”, is remixed by Avec Avec, who is a next upcoming track maker in club music scene!



She revealed the teaser video for “Your song* (Avec Avec Remix*)” on youtube on June 12th.

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This song is contained in her much-anticipated mini album “Starlight*”, which will be released in July 2nd .

In addition, the art work for this album is revealed at the same time! It was managed by Yuni Yoshida, an art director who got a grand prize of Music Jacket Award. Moreover, it was announced that she will hold release event for the album.

This anticipated mini-album “Starlight*”, which is containing the song “Your song*(Avec Avec), makes starry sky for the theme. Title track is produced by “Jazzin’park”, a music group which has been working together with popular artists such as “Momoiro Clover Z” and “Naoto Inti Raymi” besides club music.

Yun*chi will hold release events for this album starting with a first event at Tower Record in Shibuya on July 3rd.

In addition, it has been announced that her regular internet program “Yunchi Bu*” will be streamed on Nico Nico Namahousou (live streaming service) in June 12th. On the video, she will stream herself playing with famous game “Monster Hunter”! This is her second trial for the live streaming, however, it is very expecting because the first broadcasting ended in great success by showing her unexpected aspects and special explanation of her new songs. For this time, Koyama Shigeto, known as an illustrator and an anime character designer, will appear as a guest.

NicoVideo / Yunchi Bu* :

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Starlight* / Yun*chi

written by Ayaya

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