Yumemiru Adolescence Face a Disco Paradox in the MV for “Oshiete Schrödinger”!

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Yumemiru Adolescence Face a Disco Paradox in the MV for “Oshiete Schrödinger”!

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Yumemiru Adolescence explore a mysterious basement nightclub in the MV for “Oshiete Schrödinger” from their double A-side single 4th major single “Oshiete Schrödinger/Fantastic Parade” (release date: April 27)!

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Taking it’s concept from Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger’s famous experiment, Yumemiru Adolescence are dressed as cats who happen upon a Shibuya nightclub full of what appear to be dead patrons. As they play around and dance to the Bollywood-eqsue disco rhythms, the bodies come back to life and join them on the dance floor. The MV was directed by Gugi Akiyama who also handled the artwork for the single. “Oshiete Schrödinger” has lyrics and music composed by Ryohei Shima (the dresscodes) and was arranged by CHOKKAKU.

Here are a few screenshots!

“Oshiete Schrödinger/Fantastic Parade” will be released in 6 limited edition versions as well as a regular version. “Fantastic Parade” features music and lyrics by Yoshikatsu Shuto (KEYTALK) and was arranged by Ryo Eguchi.

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Yumemiru Adolescence will be starting their “Yume (Tomo) no Kuni Tour 2016” on May 14th in Osaka with the finale taking place at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo! They have also been doing a series of two-man lives with Negicco, Bandjanaimon!, and TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE at Shimokita Garden in preparation for the tour finale. The live DVD/Blu-ray for their “#yumetomo No Mai Tour 2015 Aki” was also just released on March 23, 2016 and includes a CD of the performance as well! They may have adopted the motto “Is it bad to just be cute?” but, it’s obvious that it’s not all that Yumemiru Adolescence is about!

Yume (Tomo) no Kuni Tour 2016

May 14, 2016 (Saturday)
Osaka BIGCAT (Osaka)
Open: 2:15pm Start: 3:00pm

May 28, 2016 (Saturday)
Nagoya DIAMOND HALL (Aichi)
Open: 3:15pm Start: 4:00pm

June 17, 2016 (Friday)
Zepp DiverCity (Tokyo)
Open: 6:00pm Start: 7:00pm

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#yumetomo No Mai Tour 2015 Aki / Yumemiru Adolescence
#yumetomo No Mai Tour 2015 Aki / Yumemiru Adolescence

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