Yufu Terashima Makes Enka Debut in the MV for “Shūten, Wa・Ta・Shi”!

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Yufu Terashima Makes Enka Debut in the MV for “Shūten, Wa・Ta・Shi”!

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Yufu Terashima makes a bold stylistic departure in the MV for “Shūten, Wa・Ta・Shi” from her upcoming single “Tenshi no Telepathy” (release date: March 22)!

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Dressed in a lilac-colored furisode kimono, Yufu Terashima delivers her first performance in the style of Japan’s traditional enka. Of course, because it’s “Yuffie”, there are appearances from yuru-kyara (local mascots) appearing in the the background! It’s a surprising yet fitting move for Terashima who moved to Teichiku Entertainment (a label well-known for enka artists) in late 2016.

“Tenshi no Telepathy” will be released in 2 limited editions and a regular version. Limited Edition Type-A includes the coupling song “Midori no Kuro Kami” and a DVD with the MV and making of video for “Tenshi no Telepathy”. Limited Edition Type-B includes the coupling song “Shūten, Wa・Ta・Shi” as well as its MV and making of video. The regular version includes both songs “Midori no Kuro Kami” and “Shūten, Wa・Ta・Shi”.

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