Yufu Terashima Goes to a Gunma Onsen in the MV for “Fuhehehehehehehe Dai Sakusen”!

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Yufu Terashima Goes to a Gunma Onsen in the MV for “Fuhehehehehehehe Dai Sakusen”!

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Yufu Terashima has released the MV for her major label debut single “Fuhehehehehehehe Dai Sakusen” (release date: May 20).

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In the video, “Yuffie” (Terashima’s nickname) visits the attractions of Gunma prefecture, dipping her feet in the healing waters of Shibukawa Ikaho Onsen, and dances in front of the World Heritage Site Tomioka Silk Mill with 2014 Yurukyara (mascot) Grand Prix winner Gunma-chan. So far there is no news regarding how “Araigunma-chan” (Gunma native Manami Arai from UPUPGIRLS (KARI)) has reacted to Gunma-chan co-starring with another idol but, this sort of thing is common because idols love cute things like yuru-kyara.


“Fuhehehehehehehe Dai Sakusen” will be sold in 3 different versions. The DVD for Type-A includes the MVs for “#Yuflight”, “Zenzen”, “Campanula no Yuutsuu”, “Neko ni Naritai!”, “Hatsukoi no Silhouette”, and a live recording of “Suki ga Koboreru” from her 1st solo concert “#Yufu Flight” at Shibuya WWW on February 8, 2015. Type-B includes live recordings of “Suki ga Hajimaru”, “Koibito Datta no”, “Hatsukoi no Silhouette”, “Suki ga Koboreru”, “Zenzen”, and her cover of Spitz’s “Kaede” from the same concert.


“Fuhehehehehehehe Dai Sakusen” was composed and arranged by rionos with lyrics by Seiko Omori. The coupling song for all versions is title “YOU MAY DREAM” which was composed by Haruomi Hosono (Happy End/Yellow Magic Orchestra) and Makoto Ayukawa (Sheena & the Rokkets) with lyrics by Toshoyuki Shibayama and Chris Mosdell and arranged by rionos.

It seems like Yuffie’s new start as a major label solo idol is off to a bright start, especially if it means more MV shoots in the hometowns of adorable yuru-kyara and songs created by all-star teams of musicians. With all of the bonus features in the Type-A and Type-B versions of “Fuhehehehehehehe Dai Sakusen”, it may be one of the more impressive major label debut singles released in 2015.

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