YouTube Japan to host “YouTube MUSIC WEEK” from today!

YouTube Japan to host “YouTube MUSIC WEEK” from today!

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YouTube Japan will be hosting a music festival called ‘YouTube MUSIC WEEK‘ from April 27th to May 6th.

A total of 16 artists will participate in this festival which will feature a real-time broadcast of live concerts, a limited time viewing of live footage, and original music programs.
The stream will take place via the artists’ YouTube channels.

Check out the schedule below!


April 27th – Golden Bomber / SEKAI NO OWARI
April 28th – Golden Bomber / AKB48
April 29th – Golden Bomber / Kyrary Pamyu Pamyu / AAA
April 30th – Golden Bomber / BOOM BOOM SATELLITES
May 1st – Golden Bomber / NIGHTMARE
May 2nd – Golden Bomber / SEKAI NO OWARI
May 3rd – Golden Bomber / Shounan no Kaze / Koda Kumi / Yakushimaru Etsuko
May 4th – Golden Bomber / livetune / flumpool
May 5th – Golden Bomber / Hyadain / Hamasaki Ayumi / VERBAL
May 6th – Golden Bomber / Denki Groove

YouTube MUSIC WEEK official channel

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