Your Name. Cafe Returns to Ikebukuro PARCO with New Attractions!

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Your Name. Cafe Returns to Ikebukuro PARCO with New Attractions!

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Your Name. Cafe comes back to Ikebukuro PARCO’s THE GUEST cafe&diner, from April 26 to May 24, 2017!

THE GUEST is a cafe that has featured collaborations with popular characters and anime, such as Pokémon and Yowamushi Pedal. Your Name. Cafe first ran in January and February 2017, and the long-awaited second edition is now coming back with more attractions!

your-name-cafe-parco-23 your-name-cafe-parco-28 your-name-cafe-parco-21

The cafe serves various dishes, sweets, and drinks that are inspired from scenes in the hit anime. Here are some of them!

“Have You Switched Places, Too?!” Breakfasts at the Tachibana’s and Miyamizu’s with storyboard image card (1,280yen) *There are two different types for this menu and one of them will be randomly served!


“Mitsuha, Who Has Switched Places with Taki, Wants to Take a Picture” Pancakes (1,480yen)


“The Comet We Saw Together on that Day” plate (1,280yen)


“The Summit Where the Sacred Objects are Enshrined” Matcha Parfait (1,080yen)


“Who Are You” Latte (680yen)

Aren’t they just so photogenic?!

Celebrating the cafe’s reopening, two new items “Taki and Mitsuha’s message ICE latte” (730yen) and “Bento box made by Mitsuha” (1,380yen) have been added to the menu! (* Both are also sale on THE GUEST cafe&diner Osaka and Fukuoka)


The ICE latte has an interesting trick, a plate with a secret message from Taki or Mitsuha appears when you pour milk into the cotton candy! Come over and witness it with your own eyes!

There’s a souvenir for everyone too! You can take home the place mat from your seat. Also, those who order something from the drink menu will receive an original coaster randomly selected from eight different versions. Those who order food will receive a card depicting either a scene from the movie or a storyboard illustration.

Not just satisfying your stomach, Your Name. Cafe offers various merchandise as well, such as special mug cups, key chains, and canned cookies which make wonderful gifts!


During previous runs of the Your Name. Cafe, the distribution of numbered tickets for entrance ended early in the afternoon almost everyday. It is anticipated that this time will be no exception so if you’re thinking of paying a visit, make sure to plan well in advance or you might get left out!

your-name-cafe-parco-24your-name-cafe-parco-27 your-name-cafe-parco-16 your-name-cafe-parco-15

Your Name. Cafe
Period : April 26 – May 24, 2017
Venue : Ikebukuro PARCO 7th floor, THE GUEST cafe&diner
Hours : 10:00~22:00 (food last order 21:00, drink last order 21:30)
Telephone : 03-5391-8604

©2016「君の名は。」制作委員会/”Your Name.” Production Committee

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