Your Name. First Broadcast on TV: Featured Commercials!

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Your Name. First Broadcast on TV: Featured Commercials!

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How did you spend your holiday? Many people in Japan spend their time watching TV during the new year season. On January 3rd, “Kimi no Na wa (Your Name.)” was broadcast and recorded 17.4 % of rating which is pretty high in Japan. Other than the movie itself, the commercials were also a poplar topic among the audience.

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The shorter version of this is video was one of the commercials broadcast during “Your name.”. Some got confused because they didn’t realize it was a short animation called “Crossroad” produced by Makoto Shinkai for the advertisement of Z-kai, an online education company. The story is also similar to “Your name.”. It is about two high school students who are studying through Z-kai for their entrance examination of university. They don’t know each other, but teachers find similarities between them and on the day of announcement of the result, they finally meet.

Then after this video, a commercial by Softbank, a telecommunication company was broadcast. This company’s commercial is famous for “Shirato family” played by famous actors and actresses such as Aya Ueto. Just for this day, they made a special version which the family gets mixed up because their body was switched somehow. The video was available only on January 3rd, but it was so funny that it was played more than 500k times on YouTube.


Contributor Wanted!!

This commercial is for “DEVILMAN crybaby”, which started being broadcast on Netflix from 5th January. The commercial started with “Who are you?” which is the same line used in “Your name.” This anime has high reviews all over the world.

In addition to all these awesome commercials, Mone Kamishiraishi, the actress who dubbed for Mitsuha was also on a commercial for the government. She has been acting in many dramas and animes, and she is also great at singing. She sang “Nandemo naiya” by RADWIMPS on music shows and gathered the audience’s attention. You can check the commercial from here.

Many commercials were collaborating with “Your name.”,but did you notice that there were collaborations within the movie? This is a tweet of Makoto Shinkai just before “Your name.” started on TV.

He says “During the movie, Takao from ‘The Garden of Words’ will appear in a scene. Do your best to find him! (laugh)”. “The Garden of Words” is another short movie produced by Makoto Shinkai. Did you notice when you first watched the movie? Although it was my third time watching this movie, I couldn’t find him.


The answer is…

It’s the scene towards the end when Mistuha and Tatsuki were living their separate life. It is so hard! He says “Because it is one of the important scenes toward the end, I hid Takao’s face not to distract the audience’s attention. (laugh)”.

Usually when movies are broadcast on TV, some parts are shortened because of the time issue, but for “Your name.” almost all the parts were broadcast, and producer Shinkai even arranged the ending just for this time.

Although it’s been more than a year since the movie was on theater, it is still widely loved by everyone!

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