Always Together Forever and Ever Everywhere? Close-up on the Creativity of Popular Couple SNS!

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Always Together Forever and Ever Everywhere? Close-up on the Creativity of Popular Couple SNS!

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Here is the 411 on the latest trend between young Japanese couples!

Now that basically everybody has smartphones, digitalized communication has become mainstream and the way young Japanese people use SNS and editing apps is amazing!

There are even some popular couples come out from internet, and one of the famous couples would be Peco (right) & Ryucheru (left), called as “Ryu-peco”.


Couple Videos


The latest trend between young couples is doing surprises, creating a video and uploading them online to share. This may sound very normal but it is more than what you imagine it to be. MixChannel is a famous app for just uploading videos. 80~90% of their videos online are uploaded by couples. As we have uploaded before on TGU about Riaju (Previous article: a boyfriend/girlfriend is a status. Sharing how lovey-dovey they are and earning the likes make them Riaju. It’s amazing how so many of these people create very well edited videos all by their self! Here are some of the patterns of what kind of videos they upload.


Everyday Life type


Texting love song lyrics type


Anniversary type


Present type


Surprise type

Closed SNS

Social Networking Services have become very popular, of course in Japan too. Now, the new trend is this “Closed SNS”. The sound of it sounds peculiar since its not very social if its closed. But anyway, this type of app has become very popular among young Japanese couples.
The most famous one is Pairy.


Here is the top page. I tried using this before with my friend!



Chat Room
You get to chat with your boyfriend or girlfriend in the chatroom. They have many stamps and emojis so you can tell him/her how you feel in one go. You also don’t have to worry about mixing up your chatrooms and sending embarrassing things to your mom.



You can check how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds there are until your next date. it also gives you the weather forecast for the next week so its easier for you to make plans.



You can keep all of your pictures together and share them through this app. It shows the date of it so you can see when you took the pictures.



You can check out the latest hot date spots and restaurants or anywhere you want to go with your partner and share it with him/her. You can also directly take it to the Dates page and keep a record of where you went to along with the pictures. You can view the pictures in order by date so you can become nostalgic looking back at memories.



You can answer pair profile questions to see how the other sees you. There are questions like “How was your first impression of him/her?” and “What do you like most about him/her?”.



If you pay 980 yen per month, you get to be a premium member. This is actually very useful since there are many coupons of many types that you can use with your partner. There are coupons for restaurants, movies, rental cars, leisure tickets, hotels and so on. As long as 1 of the people of the couple is signed up as a premium member, you can both use the coupons.


Couple Apps going over the top?

These couple apps are also popular in Korea. In some of the latest apps, there is a function where you can see where your partner is on the map. You get to know where he/she is 24/7 which also stops them from cheating. I thought this would be a bit scary since there isn’t much privacy and it’s a very thin line between stalking and “being close to your partner”.

How about trying these out? Many of my friends use couple apps and they say its actually pretty good. Its time for the age of having connections of love even through the digitalized world.

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