Make Golden Week 2016 Leg-endary! World Thighs Photo Exhibition Opens Soon!

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Make Golden Week 2016 Leg-endary! World Thighs Photo Exhibition Opens Soon!

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Following on the success of 2015’s Ambiguous☆Thighs Photo Studio exhibition by Yuria which saw over 2,500 visitors during its run, TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO will be the site of his newest exhibition, Futomomo Shashin Sekai-ten (The World of Thighs Photos) which will run from April 22nd until May 15th.

This time, Yuria has shifted the stage from “the home” to “the world” as 1,000 thighs in 500 works will be on display, many of them previously unpublished and never seen before. There will be a special area set up inside the studio where visitors can take in a 360° view and immerse themselves within the world of thighs. On May 4th (Wednesday) a special female-only foot bath surrounded by panoramic views of thighs will be set up in the outer space of the gallery, giving visitors a unique opportunity to be healed by the art in a relaxing environment. A limited number of postcards will be given away as presents (4 different types each week) and those who go on a rainy day will be given an extra special postcard. In additions to copies of Yuria’s works and goods being available to purchase during the exhibition, there will also be a limited number of collaboration goods from handmade leather brand OJAGA DESIGN.

Is the world ready to witness Yuria’s vision as the artistic side of fetishism continues to move into the public sphere or will people repress their natural desires even more harshly? Perhaps it all depends on how each individual defines art, which is something extremely subjective and personal. If you happen to be in Tokyo for Golden Week 2016, maybe it’s best to visit TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO and find out the answers for yourself?

Futomomo Shashin Sekai-ten (The World of Thighs Photos)
Exhibition Period: April 22, 2016 (Friday) to May 15, 2016 (Sunday)
Time: 11:00am〜7:00pm (closed Sundays except for May 2nd)
Address: 5F 5-27-6 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0053
Entrance Fee: 500yen (children under 3 are free)
Hosted by: BACON Inc.

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