Wagakki Band Unleash the Furious MV For “Ikusa”! Opening Theme Song for Sengoku Musou!

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Wagakki Band Unleash the Furious MV For “Ikusa”! Opening Theme Song for Sengoku Musou!

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Wagakki Band, the group that amassed millions of views on YouTube for their covers of famous Vocaloid songs that fused elements of modern rock and traditional Japanese music, has released the MV for “Ikusa” (release date: February 25).

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“Ikusa” has been chosen as the opening theme song for the anime Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors). “Nadeshiko Sazkura”, the other song on Wagakki Band’s second music video single, has been chosen for the ending theme song. Compared to their first original song “Hanabi”, “Ikusa” leans closer to the rock end of the spectrum but that doesn’t mean that it sacrifices any of the more traditional elements of their sound. As expected of a song whose title translates to “war”, images of Wagakki Band performing in a smoke-filled battlefield are mixed in with the band members battling each other until the bloody end. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any scenes of vocalist Yuko Suzuhana fighting Beni Ninagawa (Tsugaru Jamisen). Perhaps it’s included in the full-length version of the video?

“Ikusa/Nadashiko Zakura” comes in 6 different types: Amazon limited edition (DVD/Blu-ray), Regular edition (DVD/Blu-ray), and +GOODS (DVD/Blu-ray). The +GOODS DVD and Blu-ray versions come with a folding fan deigned by vocalist Yuko Suzuhana (same as the one used in the MV) and 3-D jacket art. The Regular and +GOODS versions also come with a code to unlock a special weapon in Sengoku Musou 4-II and the use of “Ikusa” as a combat song in the game.

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Ikusa - ikusa - / Nadeshiko Zakura / Wagakki Band
Ikusa / Nadeshiko Zakura / Wagakki Band

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