Vanilla Beans Spills the Beans! Major Label Re-Debut With Avex Announced!

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Vanilla Beans Spills the Beans! Major Label Re-Debut With Avex Announced!

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It seems that neither Vanilla Beans nor their cohost for “Shino x Vani”, Tomoe Shinohara are very good at keeping secrets. Shortly before Vanilla Beans’ one-man live at Shibuya clubasia on August 29, 2015, Shinohara tweeted that she would be their surprise guest!


Regardless of the surprise being ruined, the audience was still excited when Shinohara joined Vanilla Beans on stage to perform the Pizzicato Five classic “Tokyo wa Yoru no Shichi-ji” (aka The Night is Still Young). During the encore, Rena revealed some amazing news but, it seems that it was still too early for them to have announced it. In a loud voice, she proclaimed, “This autumn, we will be releasing our long-awaited next single on Avex!” Caught off guard, Risa looked to their staff members and asked, “Is that something we were cleared to announce already?”, their reply coming via sign language as they made Xs with their arms, signaling “no”.


Vanilla Beans got their start in 2007 on Tokuma Japan before being “rented” out to independent label T-Palette Records in 2011 where they have been since. With the move to Avex, Vanilla Beans will be receiving a 2nd major label debut. Although Rena definitely jumped the gun on announcing the great news, it is safe to announce that Vanilla Beans will be returning to Shibuya clubasia on November 21, 2015 for another one-man live which should be full of more surprises!

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