Slight of Hand, Fleet of Foot: UPUPGIRLS (KARI) Perform Magic at Ikebukuro Sunshine City!

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Slight of Hand, Fleet of Foot: UPUPGIRLS (KARI) Perform Magic at Ikebukuro Sunshine City!

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UPUPGIRLS (KARI) added magic to their ever expanding list of challenges as they kicked off release events for their double A-side 22nd single “UPPER DISCO/FOREVER YOUNG” (release date: May 9) at the Fountain Square of Ikebukuro Sunshine City on May 8, 2017!

Titled “UPUPGIRLS (KARI) Arata na Entertainment ni Chōsen! ‘Deji na~nya de Disco~nya'”, the members were assistants to the magician duo the Yamagami Brothers who appeared at special guests during a one day only performance of “UPPER DISCO”.

Following the opening performance of “UPPER DISCO” with UPUPGIRLS (2) as backup dancers, UPUPGIRLS (KARI) performed “FOREVER YOUNG” before taking a break to address the crowd. Citing the start of their ∞ Lives Change& Evolution live house tour which began in mid-April, the members shared things they wanted to challenge. Akari Saho mentioned that since she earned her black belt in karate, she wanted to try fighting professional boxer Kōki Kameda, adding that she would also like UPUPGIRLS (KARI) to do a 2-man live with ANGERME since she is close friends with their leader Ayaka Wada. Konatsu Furukawa proclaimed that the group would like to try their hands at magic, resulting in the Yamagami Brothers appearing on the stage to perform tricks during the repeat performance of “UPPER DISCO”.

Minami Sengoku and Ayano Sato, who announced their graduations from UPUPGIRLS (KARI) on April 28th, gave their thoughts on what could be their last single and tour with the group.

Ayano Sato: “Until we graduate from UPUPGIRLS (KARI), I want to get everyone ‘up up’ and gather everyone’s smiles. This may be our last single with the group before graduating so with this I hope we can change and evolve the group a lot more.”

Minami Sengoku: “The graduation has been decided but there is still time for us to fight as UPUPGIRLS (KARI) so I hope that we can take on more and more dangerous challenges that only we can do. Because we have more than 80 songs, I have a goal of us doing a nonstop live. It’s something I really want to do even though at about 6 hours long, we would have to keep going even if someone were to collapse. I think it would be a really cool way to graduate in such a forward-facing manner so I hope we can do it before I graduate!”

“UPPER DISCO/FOREVER YOUNG” was released in 3 versions. The bonus track for Type-A is titled “FLASH”, the bonus track for Type-B is an Akari Saho solo song titled “Show Time”, and the bonus track for Type-C is an UPUPGIRLS (2) version of “FOREVER YOUNG”. In addition to in-store events scheduled for the week of the single’s release, UPUPGIRLS (KARI) will be adding another challenge to their resumes with “Furo-a de Disco!!!!!!!” at Tokyo Tennen Onsen Kodai Hot Spring on May 20th!

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