Kobushi Factory As Secret Guest For Semi-finals! University Idol Dance Competition “UNIDOL 2016 Summer” Finals Coming Up In August!

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Kobushi Factory As Secret Guest For Semi-finals! University Idol Dance Competition “UNIDOL 2016 Summer” Finals Coming Up In August!

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When you hear the combination of Summer x Idol Event, the first thing that come up to your mind may be Tokyo Idol Festival or Idol Yokocho. However, there is another large event that idol lovers must keep an eye on during the Summer!


UNIDOL (a combination of the word “University” and “Idol”) is a National Idol Copy Dance Competition open to female university students in Japan, and on June 13, 14, and 15, the semi-finals for UNIDOL 2016 Summer was held at Shinjuku ReNY. A total of 13 teams out of 35 grabbed the ticket to the final stage, including 9 from Kanto, 2 from Kansai, 1 from Tokai, and 1 from Kyushu.


On August 30th (Tues.), several lucky young women will be able to perform on the same stage as their beloved idols at Shinkiba Studio Coast!  This will be a special day where a total of 16 best university idol dance circles from all over Japan (13 teams that passed the semi-finals, 2 that passed the consolation match that will be held before the finals, and 1 chosen as special entry) will gather and show their best performance to be the number one university idol copy dance group.

Within the  Kanto Semi-finals, Luce Twinkle Wink☆, Kamiyado, and Kobushi Factory performed as secret guests and fascinated 3000 audiences that came within the 3 days!


9 teams that have guaranteed spots in the final event from Kanto are:

Sophia University “SPH mellmuse”

Winning 1st place once and 2nd place four times definitely shows their strength as a team. This time, they also received 1st place in the first day of the semi-finals, and we were able to feel the determination towards their performance. The last song “The☆Peace” by Morning Musume. heated up the venue!


Waseda University “Momokyun

Though there are usually a lot of teams representing Waseda University each year, Momokyun☆ is the only Waseda representative this year that passed the semi-finals. They performed a variety of songs such as “Kimi Sae Ireba Nanimo Iranai” from Morning Musume. and “Mugendai Shoujo∀” from Cheeky Parade. Having an energetic setlist and being able to dance to it in full strength was surely impressive!


Kitazato University “winK

winK♡ was one of the UNIDOL that had the “cute atmosphere”, but this time, they seemed to change this image to become more as a “performer”.  Using colorful fans in the first song “Natsuzora Hanabi” by PASSPO☆, they continued to grab the attention of the audience by their sharp moves and ended their performance by AKB48’s “Kiminokoto Ga Sukidakara”. Though the last song seemed to represent winK♡, it showed more than just being cute but expressed the “New winK♡” that synthesized their traditional members and the freshmen that sent a new wind towards the group.



Toyo University “Tomboys

Champion of UNIDOL 2015-2016 Winter, Tomboys☆ delivered a flawless performance with full power. Though they are known as a large team with more than 10 members, this time only the 5 of them got on stage to battle for the semi-finals. However, this was not a disadvantage to them at all as they heated up the audience dancing to songs of Wa→Suta and ℃-ute. Showing the pride of the queen, they received 1st place in the second day of the semi-finals, and now we will look forward to their stage with full members in August!


Meiji University “Copia”

Winning UNIDOL two times in the past, Copia received 2nd place in the semi-finals with a setlist that excited the audience. Starting with overture, they performed songs such as “Dakishimete Anthem” from Team Syachihoko and “Pareo wa Emerald” from SKE48. Known as a team that has a large number of supporters, this seemed to be one of the deciding factors that pushed them up on the podium.



Hosei University “kimowota7″

kimowota☆7 is the only team apart from SPH mellmuse that has been appearing on UNIDOL since the 1st tournament in 2012. This time, they started off with a charming tune of “Calendar Girl” by Lovely Doll, and showed an extreme “wotagei” towards the middle of their performance in which the fans also got involved. It’s been a while since they got the ticket to the final tournament, and we can definitely look forward to what they will show us next.


Seijo University “Seijo Kanojo”

Seijo Kanojo was one of the most outstanding teams within the 3 days, since they recieved 1st place for the first time in the semi-finals. As they started off their stage by “Silent Majory” by Keyakizaka 46, they immediatly dragged the attention of all audience in the venue. In the end of their performance, they showed the large words of “SEIJO KANOJO” written in Kanji that conveyed their spirit to win the tournament as a team!



Otsuma University “Candy holic”

Candy holic is also one of the groups that has a large chance of winning the tournament this Summer. Their performance is famous within the fans not only by their sharp dance moves, but also by the leader’s powerful voice that excites the audience. This time, they started off with AKB48’s “Skirt Hirari” and increased energy as they continued to “Brainstorming” by Morning Musume. However, the most memorable song was Akishibu Project’s “Akishibu Way”, since the voice of the leader that called out to the venue was extremely passionate, and it seemed as if this stirred up the audience.



Keio Gijuku University “Sayonara Moratorium”

Appearing on UNIDOL for the first time, they made a successful stage debut and made their way to the final stage. With a beautiful white dress, they performed the the first song “Kanpeki Gunone” by Watarirouka Hashiritai, moved to “Must be Now” by NMB48, and fascinated the audience by the last song that everyone loves, “Dance de Bakoon” by ℃-ute.


Teams who have previously won the tournament such as SPH mellmuse, Copia, and Tomboys☆ have made their way to the finals, but we cannot take our eyes off the groups that are increasing energy each year such as Seijo Kanojo and Candy holic! No one can predict the winner of the finals, so come and see with your own eyes of the number 1 university idol copy dance team of this summer!

UNIDOL Summer 2016 Final Tournament 

August 30, 2016 (Tuesday)

Location: Shinkiba Studio Coast

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