Uchida Aya Celebrates Her Two Album Release With Her Beloved Character Gunma-chan!!

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Uchida Aya Celebrates Her Two Album Release With Her Beloved Character Gunma-chan!!

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150fans gathered to see Aya Uchida, Ucchi for nickname, at Animate Ikebukuro. This talk event was opened to celebrate the release of Ucchi’s Two New Albums, “Sweet Tears” and “Bitter Kiss”. From the title, release date, and atmosphere of the album, Valentine’s Day is aware. Ucchi has successfully finished her 2nd album live, and this will be her first release of two concept albums. The day that had her event was the release date, which many fans prepared listening the whole two albums before the event.


Columbia Japan’s staff, Ms. Kawasaki appeared on the stage first and welcomed in Ucchi to the stage. She talked how she is nervous that she will be doing an event on the day of the release date, and moved on explaining what she and Ms. Kawasaki did on Twitter the night before. To promote the sale of the album, Ucchi flashed into her mind of making a hashtag so that the fans could post comments about her album. However, since she doesn’t use Twitter that much, Ucchi had hard time using the questionnaire function or fixing the tweet on her profile page. She finally got asking the fans which tag comes fine using the questionnaire function, but already Ms. Kawasaki tweeted on the Uchida Aya Staff Twitter Account which ended in a completely confusing situation. In conclusion, Ms. Kawasaki’s hashtag: #内田彩SW and #内田彩BT were used.


After the event warmed up with their heartwarming conversation, the story moved onto today’s main topics; “Sweet Tears” and “Bitter Kiss”. Until the release, Ucchi took almost the whole part making and arranging the album that made her think as one part of the staff making two creations for “Aya Uchida”, not as her “own” albums. Also, she focused on imagining five girls in each songs, except the last one, to create each song like a Shojo manga story. The last songs from both albums will be a wrap up that ends the story, she told.
Thinking about the time, the event will focus on only two songs from each albums by selecting the numbers from a mystery box from each albums.

Sweet Tears

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6th song from the album: “Party Hour Surprise!”
Aya: This is a song filled with fun feeling at the party. I focused on exposing the new “Aya Uchida”, but tried to contain the cuteness like singing character song. The girls of the included songs gather at the end to open a girls’ party, yet, this song became a tune that everyone could love.

3rd song from the album: “Lead wo Hazushite (Take Off the Lead)”
Aya: The most sad and sentimental song from this album. Not only had I focused on love’s bitterness when singing, but also on sweetness that love gives. I think this is a song that expresses real love. I mean love wouldn’t go 100% perfect, don’t you think? The song became so fancy and cool once with the guitar solo during the interlude which wasn’t there first when I heard the demo.

Bitter Kiss

Contributor Wanted!!

6th song from the album: “Zetsubou Unbalance (Hopeless Unbalance)”
Aya: When I first met this song, the title hit me. I realized that this song was made by the same person who wrote “Floating Heart”, the leading song of “Sweet Tears, which shocked me, because the song is completely different. I believe that this song is set in a battlefield of love, where the album’s characters are wounded by love and trying to stand up to find their next love. The theme is “another love to face the front again” that made me decide the song to be in the end.

4th song of the album: “Kirisutero (Cut Down)”
Aya: I definitely wanted this song included in the album, because the intro is so catchy that makes me want to sing along with the fans. Also, this song is like expressing myself in a strong message that I have never sang before. Cool melody and strong message inspires and motivates me.

After Ucchi explained the fascinating settings and feelings of the albums, the special guest arrived to cheer Ucchi. The special guest is Gunma-chan, Gunma prefecture’s mascot character!! Its appearance made Ucchi exciting that she screamed in her best voice today. The two’s meeting became possible because Ucchi is one of the special envoy of Gunma prefecture. As a big fan of Gunma-chan, Ucchi talked all about Gunma-chan that assured her love toward her hometown and Gunma-chan. Gunma-chan brought a present to her which was a Jyomo Karuta, a traditional Japanese playing cards especially developed in Gunma. This Jyomo Karuta will be today’s main theme that soon will find out. Also, since its birthday is on February, Gunma-chan’s birthday was celebrated.


Since Gunma-chan brought Jyoumou Karuta, the event went onto playing Jyoumou Karuta with a rule of timing how long Gunma-chan and Ucchi will take snatching the cards. The cards are separated in reading cards and picking cards where one reads the cards from the reading cards that connects to the picking cards. The two players compete the numbers of the cards, but instead the event has an original rule that Ucchi and Guna-chan will co-operate together searching the card. Every Gunma people memorize the cards in their compulsory education which should be easy for them, and it took a total of 22seconds snatching three cards. The time that it took will minus the number of Gunma promotion leaflets that Gunma-chan can give out at Animate Ikebukuro, so only 22leaflets out of almost 500leafets were taken back to Gunma-chan.
At the end, Gunma-chan and Ucchi took photos with many poses, including the one below, which is the Gunma pose. Gunma is known as the shape of a crane which is also said in the card of Jyoumou Karuta.



In the end, Ucchi commented the message below!
“It is one year and three month of my solo career. Nobody thought I would release this many albums instead of single CDs. By producing many works, I thought about my solo activity every day. I did not favor getting called by artist, however I now have a room to think myself as an artist, and I also feel sorry for the fans who supported me, since I was passively working out my solo activity in the beginning, because I didn’t understand what was right as “Aya Uchida”, not a virtual character. My successive solo activity is the result that my fans did to me which I am very proud at. For a while I would like to share my time performing the songs that I have released, instead of creating one again. Thank you for coming today, and I would like to appreciate all the staffs who are supporting me.”

Ucchi left the stage skipping and running all the way to the edge of the stage by waving her hands to the audience.

When Ms. Kawasaki was concluding the event, Ucchi reappeared on the stage by screaming “Wait!!” She brought a huge Moomin character doll and celebrated Ms. Kawasaki’s birthday, which was the day of the event. After Ucchi escorted Ms. Kawasaki from the stage, she closed the event on her own that made fans laugh and smile which ended in a fun mood.


Sweet Tears / Aya Uchida
Bitter Kiss / Aya Uchida

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