TsuriBit Hit the Streets of Shibuya in the MV for “Get ready Get a chance”!

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TsuriBit Hit the Streets of Shibuya in the MV for “Get ready Get a chance”!

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TsuriBit stand on the borders of adolescence and adulthood in the fashionable and mature MV for “Get ready Get a chance” from their 2nd album “Blue Ocean Fishing Cruise” (release date: April 5)!

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The MV which shows the more grownup side of TsuriBit has the members of the group in Shibuya where they sing karaoke, stroll with friends, eat parfaits, and go shopping. There are also several scenes of them dancing in the street and on a rooftop wearing ruffled outfits with corsets. The song was revealed during the encore of TsuriBit’s sold out concert at Akasaka BLITZ “Akasaka Sakana ~ Minna de Tsurou Akasaka BLITZ ~” on February 26, 2017. Here are some photos from that concert.

“Blue Ocean Fishing Cruise” will be released in a CD/DVD limited edition and a regular CD version. The DVD includes the MV and making oF video for “Get ready Get a chance” as well as the MV for “My Victory”. TsuriBit will be casting off on a 6-city spring tour beginning at Omotesando GROUND on April 29th so make sure to catch them this spring!

Track List

01 Blue Ocean Fishing Cruise
02 Hadashi no Mermaid
03 Nagisa de Latte Art
04 Moso Fishing Gakuen
05 Get ready Get a chance
06 Chi Shitai
07 Gyugyugyu Mucho
08 Tsurisen wa Iraneeze
09 Lemon Kaigan
10 Shiokaze Nikki
11 Kamome Pelican Story
12 Osakana-yō Candy
13 Uroko Gumo to Orion-za
14 Nigashita Sakana wa Ōkiizo
15 Makenai Guts~ Itsuka Sekai wo Tsuri Agemasu~
16 My Victory

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Blue Ocean Fishing Cruise / Tsuri Bit
Blue Ocean Fishing Cruise / Tsuri Bit

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