Midsummer Cherry Blossoms! Sakura no Yume. Unveil MV for “Dream☆Road”!

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Midsummer Cherry Blossoms! Sakura no Yume. Unveil MV for “Dream☆Road”!

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Sakura no Yume., the special limited time group created for @JAM EXPO 2017 made up of Sakura Ando (TsuriBit), Mika Ichinose (Kamiyado), and Yumeri Abe (SUPER☆GiRLS), have unveiled the MV for their single “Dream☆Road”!

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The MV combines footage from the first meeting of the members, the recording sessions, photoshoots, and their May 27 debut performance at Zepp DiverCity for @JAM 2017. Set to light and poppy music paired with the girly voices of the members, the MV is full of cute and silly scenes sure to grab the fans of cute idols.


Sakura no Yume. will be performing at Yokohama Arena on August 26-27 for @JAM EXPO 2017 where they will disband and the single will only be available while they are active so don’t miss out!

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