Tsubasa Fly Throw Open the Curtains on the MV for “Break Through” From Their 1st Album!

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Tsubasa Fly Throw Open the Curtains on the MV for “Break Through” From Their 1st Album!

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Dance rock idol group Tsubasa Fly have released the MV for “Break Through” from their 1st album “BLACK&WHITE” (release date: May 2)

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In the video, Kaori Shikaki makes the mistake of inviting in a vampire (who looks like he should be on a billboard for Uniqlo) and is bitten by him. Upon waking up in her bed, she sees him reflected in the mirror (but vampires don’t have reflections!) and attempts to chase him away with a crucifix. After defeating the vampire (who apparently can’t tell time) by opening the curtains and letting in the sunlight, the crazy night seems to be over but, Kaorin (Shikaki’s nickname) turns around to reveal her fangs before walking out the door! Ignoring some of the details about vampires that the director seems to have overlooked, it’s still an impressive MV visually.

“BLACK&WHITE” will be released in a first press limited edition version with a DVD and a regular CD-only version. On the DVD is footage from their live at Shinjuku Loft on February 22, 2015, a making of video for “Break Through”, and a segment called “PM Miyazawa Nonoka Kanshuu ‘Himitsu no DVD vol. 18′”. Maybe because Miyazawa is tagged as “playing manager” of Tsubasa Fly, it is hosted by her and “secret” things are revealed about her or the other members? Looking at the contents of their previous releases, there don’t seem to be 17 other volumes…maybe they were fan club only exclusives? Regardless of which version you decide to pick up, remember that vampires cannot come in unless invited so, unless you want to be chased or bitten by a very slow vampire, don’t let them in!

Track List
01. Sing a Song
02. Unforgettable Days
03. BreakThrough
04. Song for you
05. Life is Beautiful
06. Nagareboshi
07. Kimi no Yume wo Nosete
08. Mada Suki Nan Desu.
10. Loneliness
11. so Ai Shiteru

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Black & White / Tsubasa Fly
Black & White / Tsubasa Fly

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