Groups From Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 You Should Be Looking Out For

Groups From Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 You Should Be Looking Out For

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When Tokyo Idol Festival listed that 138 groups would be performing, the chances of lesser known groups being overlooked is fairly high. Unless they happen to be scheduled right before, or on the way to a super popular group, that is. Here are some groups I saw while rushing to or waiting for more well known groups to perform that I think will be interesting to watch in the months ahead.

BELLRING Shojo Heart
A unique idol group where the members wear black school uniforms with sleeves resembling crow’s wings, BELLRING Shojo Heart’s music alternates between discordant, eerie sounds that sound like they could be from an old horror movie, punk, and rock. Be prepared for anything to happen when you go see these girls perform.

Probably the most idol-like girls rock/metal band you will ever see but don’t let their cute appearance fool you. Cyntia delivers crushing drums, grinding guitars, thundering bass, and soaring vocals while looking like they stepped out of a fashion magazine. The first group I saw on the second day and I still can’t forget about them.

Doll☆Elements – Doll Factory (August 2 10:50-11:10)
Doll☆Elements, a sister group of Lovely★Doll delivered a performance perfectly suited for the Doll Factory. Try and get “Kimi no Tonari de Odoritai!” out of your head once you have heard it! It was more amazing when they performed it alongside Neo Idoling!!! during the Grand Finale!

This Kyushu idol scene “dream team” which includes ex-HKT48 member Yui Komori made a strong argument for being considered for next year’s Hot Stage with their heated performance Sunday afternoon.

HIP♡ATTACK from Idoling!!! – Doll Factory (August 2 10:00-10:10)
Idoling!!! fans had been lined up outside the entrance to the Doll Factory stage since early in the morning to cheer on the 3rd generation unit HIP♡ATTACK (Ai Ookawa, Yurika Tachibana, and Kaede Hashimoto). Within their short 10-minute set, HIP♡ATTACK performed their debut single “Koganemushi” and “Taiyou no samasama Days”. Even though the Doll Factory was indoors and air conditioned, it was crazy hot in there!

iDOL Street e-Street & w-Street selection
iDOL Street, the label that brought us SUPER☆GiRLS, GEM, and Cheeky Parade sent 5 representatives each from their respective east and west up-and-coming groups to TIF! e-Street selection is Sakurako Kidoguchi and Ririko Kodama from Sapporo Snow♥︎Loveits, Shinju Kutsukake and Ema Yamazaki from SENDAI Twinkle☆moon, and Rihona Kato from TOKYO TORiTSU Kore de Iinkai. w-Street selection is Hanano Iyanagi, Ayaka Kawai, and Ruka Mishina from NAGOYA Chubu, Miri Matsuda from Osaka DAIZY7, Nano Kinoshita and Nanase Hirokawa from FUKUOKA Hakataminyon★. If you missed them, you can still go see TOKYO TORiTSU Kore de Iinkai every Friday evening at the AKIBA Cultures Theater.

La PomPon
A 6-member group so new that their staff Twitter account only has 9 entries so far! Bringing the Power Of Music, the Pride Of a New generation looks to be doing some big things from this month forth!

This “interactive girls unit” already got an Oricon Indies chart with their 3rd single “Ikaneba no Musume ~ Love Soldiers~” but it was their performance of their 2nd single “Homenobi Japan da” that caught my attention with it’s uptempo chiptune rock sounds.

The duo of Saki Kamiya (ex-BiS) and Mari Mizuta (ex-Izuneko) made a strong impression over the weekend with their violent headbanging during the heavy parts of their upcoming debut single “Plastic 2 Mercy”. The song is somewhere in between the harshness of BiS’ “STUPiG” and some of the harder songs of capsule.

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