Tokyo Fashion-holic Girls Love Nail Arts

Tokyo Fashion-holic Girls Love Nail Arts

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Today, we would like to talk about nail arts which are essential for fashionable girls in Tokyo.

When you hear the word “nail arts”, I guess the first thing you have in mind is probably manicure.

Before graduating from high schools, most teenage girls their nails in weekends when they hang out with friends. Most fashionable girls felt
inconvenient to school rules, since they had to remove them or they get punished by polishing nails in school.

Then after graduating from high school and becoming free from strict school rules, most girls get interested in gel nails.

gel nail
The biggest difference between manicure and gel nails is that unlike manicure, you don’t have to wait for the nails to dry naturally but instead, you place your hands in a special machine that will dry them in a minute! Your nails will be strong and it won’t come off for two
to three weeks!
Most girls go to nail salons to have their nails painted. It cost approximately 3000 yen in case of arts only, but if you add line stones or order a high-skilled design, it may cost about 15000 yen!
Although they are a little bit expensive, fashionable girls won’t cut corners on their fashion. They express their characters by nail arts.

Now, let me introduce some cute nail arts of Tokyo fashion-holic girls!

RISA (Instagram @risacuma)


Her worldview of fashion is so cute that she is a fashion blogger in Japan! She is more fastidious in her nail arts than any other girls that she minutely discusses about the designs with the nail artist.

KISA (Instagram @kisa9287)


She use a lot of time with her computer, for she has to do her assignment in university.
Even though she has a lot of work to do, her motto is to enjoy and to be pretty! She is very good at putting on accessories that suit with
her simple nail arts.



A Disney lover who changed herself into a character in Monsters Inc. in Halloween this year! Her nail art is of course, Disney! The first
picture is an image of Rapunzel. The second picture is based on the image of the pot lady in Beauty and the Beast. How cute!!



She is a otaku (maniac) who loves anime and comic books. She loves the character so much that she even wears a costume to completely become a
character. Her nail art is a genuine otaku nail arts!

KOZU (instagram @arfred5z)


She is… Actually it’s me lol
I usually take photos so I like to keep my nails short and simple. In fact, my mother has a qualification of nail arts so I learn from my
mother and paint by myself. I match my designs with seasons, Christmas for example, or I put line stones to make my nails look like jewelry.
I paint my nails to be like I imagine.

Did you find your favorite nail arts?
It ‘s nice to go to a nail salon, or if you buy all the tools you need, it may be fun to do it yourself! Please try this gel nails in
your free time!


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