TOKYO CUTTING EDGE CREATORS by Julie Watai #5 : ASUNA, The Android That Is Aging and Growing Up

『TOKYO CUTTING-EDGE CREATORS by Julie Watai』#5:歳を重ねて成長するアンドロイド、ASUNA
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TOKYO CUTTING EDGE CREATORS by Julie Watai #5 : ASUNA, The Android That Is Aging and Growing Up

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TOKYO CUTTING-EDGE CREATORS by Julie Watai is column series, which covers Tokyo’s latest cutting-edge culture! In this series she’ll be interviewing creators that have caught her interest, in order to discover the latest cutting-edge culture in Tokyo. For our first installment, we interviewed artist Ai☆Madonna, for the second time welcoming Junya Suzuki who has been working for fashion label “chloma”, and for the third time we had discussion with Etsuko Ichihara, an artist/ director of wild ideas. For the last time we welcomed chiptune artist TORIENA, and this time, we had an interview with Tadashi Shimya, the developer of female android ASUNA.


撮影:Julie Watai モデル:ASUNA (写真集トーキョー・フューチャー・クラシック「LOVE VALLY」より) Photograph: By Julie Watai Model: AUSNA (form “LOVE VALLY” in “Tokyo Future Classics”)

Julie: Hello, Shimaya-san. It’s been a while. I guess it is the first time since we had ASUNA as a guest for “Tokyo Future Classic” release event at HMV&BOOKS TOKYO in Shibuya MODI, March this year.

Shimaya: Yes, it’s been a while.


Julie: So, how has ASUNA been doing lately?

Shimaya: She had been in pieces to become 18 years old.

Julie: In pieces! Wow, it is kind of frightening to imagine that!

Shimaya: Sorry. She was fixed yesterday, but her hair is still messy. It is always a hard work to fix her again (laugh) to look OK.

Julie: Oh I see. Thank you for your hard work. (This time will be the precious last shot…) So she will be 18 next.

Shimaya: Yeah. I am excited.

Julie: I heard “Android that is aging and growing up” is the concept for ASUNA. But have you planned it since the early planning stages?

…Why he wanted to make ASUNA Android that is aging and growing up? What is the future of android and human?

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Julie Watai
Julie Watai

After working at an idol in Japan, Julie Watai moved by herself to Italy, publishing SAMURAI GIRL in 2006 while working as a photographer for Italian publishing company DRAGO&ARTS. She quickly became an international Japanese pop culture figure, gaining a large following. After returning to Japan, she continued her work as a photographer, along with developing electronics as a hobby and iPhone apps, and has been remarkably successful as part of the Akiba-style geek culture, too.

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