Round 1 of the Artists Performing at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei Revealed!

Round 1 of the Artists Performing at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei Revealed!

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The first round of performing artists for Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei has been decided! The event will be held September 12th~14th.

Tokyo Crazy Kawaii has been created to spread and localize all facets of Japan’s undeniable ‘Kawaii’ culture into our lives and to promote everything Japan.

Tokyo Crazy Kawaii promotes Fashion, Music, Food, Anime & Games and Character Goods all in one event, and invites Japanese companies and individuals to share real Japanese culture with attendees. In particular, there will be eight Japanese artists performing at the event (see below to find out who!). Another amazing aspect of the event is what it provides for people in the Japanese culture industry. There are workshops on how to match businesses, localize goods and culture, how to approach social media and event creation, and other ways to promote Japanese culture and businesses abroad in an effective and dynamic way.

Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taiwan Event
Title: Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei
Dates of Event: September 12th~14th
Venue: Hanahaku Park, Soenkan
Organization: Tokyo Crazy Kawaii executive committee


Hanahaku Park, Soenkan


Official characters

First Round of Performing Artists at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei Decided!

Artists that will be performing during the event on September 12th~14th at the Music Stage will be Eir Aoi, [Alexandros], USAGI,, Bijo♂menZ, moumoon, musumen, and Yoshida Rinne! There are artists who brought great excitement from last year’s event such as moumoon and Bijo♂menZ, and artists like Eir Aoi who enjoy tremendous popularity in Taiwain, making this a very note-worthy line-up! To find out which days and what times each artist is performing, please check out Tokyo Crazy Kawaii’s official website.

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