THE LADY SPADE’s Cute yet Dark 2nd Album “Reversed Shaped Black Heart” is Celebrated with a Release Party!

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THE LADY SPADE’s Cute yet Dark 2nd Album “Reversed Shaped Black Heart” is Celebrated with a Release Party!

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On December 22, 2014, a release party was held at Under Deer Lounge in Shibuya to celebrate the release of THE LADY SPADE‘s second album, “Reversed Shaped Black Heart“.

THE LADY SPADE is a four-member group made up of vocalist ATG (aka Alice to Gizzelle, aka Alice), dancers Lotta and Childa, and DJ SLF!!. Known for their cute yet dark look, their edgy outlook and visual style is instantly memorable. Their new album contains 16 tracks, and has a technopop feel.









The group performed 13 songs during the release party, many of them tracks from the new album “Reversed Shaped Black Heart”. It’s been a while for them to perform to many songs at once, and the venue was packed with fans.

The concert was preceded by a very theatrical performance, and during one song, Alice appeared in handcuffs. THE LADY SPADE’s live performances may have a sort of “underground” feel to them, but the music is undeniably pop, with fans spellbound by the spectacle of their performances.

During the encore, they were joined by dancer Tiffany, who is currently on maternity leave. Together, the four of them performed their song “Sweetholic”.

Since their appearance at Anime Matsuri 2013 in Texas, Spade have been gaining fans overseas. This year, we’re expecting to see THE LADY SPADE continue to grow and expand as a group outside of Japan.

Set list
01. Open the Curse
02. Black Magic
03. (E)na
04. Wakannai & Aredabetaina (medley)
05. Eyecatch -RSBH-
06. Gyakusama na Waltz
07. Ice Cream
08. Hellbound
09. End of the World
10. Killing Me Softly
11. STAR*


12. Another Stomach for Dessert in the ABYSS
13. Sweetholic

THE LADY SPADE Official Website :

Photo by  Shinpu Tokyo
Translated by Evie Lund

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