Ultra Entertainment Live Show Full of Girl Pop Power: SHIBUYA GIRLS POP NIGHT vol.1 Photo Report

至極のエンターテイメントLIVEにみなぎるガールズポップのパワー:「SHIBUYA GIRLS POP NIGHT vol.1」レポート
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Ultra Entertainment Live Show Full of Girl Pop Power: SHIBUYA GIRLS POP NIGHT vol.1 Photo Report

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SHIBUYA GIRLS POP is produced by the creative unit xxx of WONDER, which we’ve introduced on TGU many times before. It was a project started in 2009 in order to show different types of girls’ pop culture to the rest of the world. Up until now they’ve put out original goods for sale at Village Vanguard, opened up a concept store at Shibuya PARCO, and collaborated with female artists like and Hanae, and are increasing the reach of their activities more and more. On June 19, an ultra entertainment live show, SHIBUYA GIRLS POP NIGHT vol.1, was sponsored by SHIBUYA GIRLS POP and held at the star lounge in Shibuya.

The six groups acts of the concert were synth dance pop unit Kit Cat, girls rock band THE LET’S GO’s, entertainment group NATSU NO MAMONO (+ Mai Tsukamoto) and its opposing heel unit, Black DPG, followed by magical dance unit THE LADY SPADE and “noro kei” idol JyuJyu. DJ Kei Tomita, Kensuke Nishiura (ex. Soutaisei Riron) who is a support drummer for J-pop artists, and DJ younaP, the same electro-pig tailed, white leader Youna of popular idol group You’ll Melt More! also made an appearance!! It was a super unique line-up of powerful girls’ pop artists from the current Tokyo indie scene.

When the curtains rose, the stage was bathed in deep red lights and at the same moment Kit Cat appeared holding brooms! The trio is made up of Josee Masshigura, Asuka Langley Soryu, and Evenyan Lauren. The three girls dance free-style to poppy and cute EDM sounds. When Evenyan, only 144 cm tall, performed her self-introduction song, she sang about a mysterious world about breaking into a field of cream puffs, so more than anything, they’re a lot of fun. She sang it as if it were a girls wonderland. They’re the kind of unit that puts you in the mood makes you feel like having fun, even if you don’t exactly understand what they’re doing!

When Kit Cat’s upbeat pop sound finished, it was if the stage transformed into a full-fledged rock concert. The pure rock three piece band, THE LET’s GO’s performance began. Their playing shook the venue. It was like the garage rock of the 60’s had been revived, and their sound had a nostalgic impact to it. But on top of that, it felt as if sweet and cute groove sugar-coated their sound. Their performance was jam-packed with this essence and was the highlight of the breathless 30 minutes they performed!

As if to cure the numbness we felt afterward, the white leader of Yurumerumo! (You’ll Melt More!), Younapi, stepped up to the DJ booth. But this Younapi was different from usual. Instead of her trademark pigtails, she appeared in a short bob! Although DJ younaP! gave off a slightly different air than usual, she still retained her unique, mellow cuteness. Nobody minded when she messed up during the song. Her regular number “Dong Zhuo Utsubeshi” captured the hearts of the audience, and slowly got everyone up and moving until the end.

Up next was the much-awaited unmatched entertainment group, Natsu no Mamono, and their opposing heel unit, Black DPG! Their battle has become well-known around the Tokyo indie scene. Natsu no Mamono was originally formed by Daichi Narita, sponsor of the Natsu no Mamono rock festival held every year in Aomori prefecture, is a yellow unit described as a professional wrestling, rock festival entertainment type of performance. Black DPG was created to take over their stage. Their performance with active wrestlers and legendary sub-idol girls causes havoc to the general accepted notion of what is idol. Today as usual, both units really riled up the audience with their free use of the stage and exaggerated entertainment. Natsu no Mamono was given a major debut, and will probably only appear a few more times in their almost-copyrighted costumes. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of whirlwind they stir up as a major group.

Natsu no Mamono

Black DPG

After another mellow cute DJ session by DJ younaP!, THEY LADY SPADE took the stage. Formed together with mystery man SLF!! in the background on DJ and MC, dancers Lotta and Childa, and vocal Alicetogizzelle, the unit has established a firm fan base all over from within the Tokyo underground as well as from abroad. First off, ot goes without saying that vocal Alicetogizelle is sexy! Her costumes push the limit, and her well-proportioned figure would put any model to shame. Yet her voice is also seductive. Just when I was thinking about trying to suppress the thought of taking a picture of her, suddenly and unbelievably, SLF!! called out to everyone, “Does everyone have their cameras ready? It’s photo time!” The next moment the audience immediately rushed the stage, and the photo shoot of the girls began with the shutter sounds from everyone’s phones. The excitement inside the venue quickly rose with this unexpected service from the group.

The venue was full of heat from all the different kinds of girls’ pop energy. The grand performance of the night was “noroi kei” idol unit Jyu Jyu. Dressed up in gothic lolita outfits, the duo Shirai and Neu appeared on stage as if surrounded by an ominous, ghostly aura. With the concept of “noroi” (or being “cursed”) behind their music, they struck me as being heavy and cool like the hard rock band Deep Purple from years back. It was both the dark and cute side within girls. Their essence of showing both sides of the same coin captivated the audience, and stole their hearts.

SHIBUYA GIRLS POP NIGHT vol.1 delivered a restless, but climatic and exciting three hours. With six unites and two DJs, it was a fulfilling look at eight different worlds. It really was an ultra entertainment live show. We’re waiting for SHIBUYA GIRLS POP to put on their next event!

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Photo by Izumi Kumazawa

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