Tokyo Girls’ Update Recommend: Our Favorite MVs for Songs Released March 2015

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Tokyo Girls’ Update Recommend: Our Favorite MVs for Songs Released March 2015

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March was a huge month for releases! AKB48’s “Green Flash” dominated the Oricon for the first 2 weeks, earning them their 20th consecutive million-selling single. SKE48 and NMB48 released their singles simultaneously on the last day of the month. With just those three groups contributing 18 MVs, narrowing down the list was considerably more difficult this time around. Here are 8 of the most interesting MVs for songs released in March listed in chronological order according to their release date.

SKE48 – “Sekai ga Naiteiru Nara” (AKB48 – “Green Flash” Type-S, release date: March 4)

There were several dark MVs from “Green Flash” but SKE48’s “Sekai ga Naiteiru Nara” from the Type-S version may have been the darkest. With a story revolving on the unfortunate end of a teacher that is popular with his female students, the video felt like it was part of a film. Be sure to check out the full version for the ending that you might not have seen coming!

Little Glee Monster – “Girls be Free!” (release date: March 4)

In the first part, Little Glee Monster is filmed as they sing and improvise percussion live using objects found on the streets of Shibuya. From there, the action heats up and the audio transitions into the recorded version. At the end, the audio switches to a live band version as they hit the stage of a packed live house. Filming a video in the middle of Shibuya is difficult enough but, the time spent planning and editing everything to transition as seamlessly as it did is something that has to be seen repeatedly to be appreciated!

Sakura Gakuin – “Aogeba Toutoshi ~ from Sakura Gakuin 2014~” (release date: March 4)

Sakura Gakuin say farewell to Yui Mizuno (Yui-metal), Moa Kikuchi (Moa-metal), Hana Taguchi, and Yunano Notsu by mashing up a classic Japanese graduation song with the rock power of KENKEN (RIZE). As if that wasn’t enough, they teach a dancing space alien about Japanese culture before having their graduation ceremony attacked by a giant robot. While you can get the song on “Sakura Gakuin 2014 Nendo ~Kimi ni Todoke~” (release date: March 25), the full version of this particular MV is only available as a DVD single.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – “Mondai Girl” (release date: March 18)

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu deals with acrobatic masked paparazzi, battles evil on a faraway planet, assumes the “Dragon Night” pose, and experiences other strange things in the MV for “Mondai Girl”. It’s almost difficult to be surprised at anything that happens in one of her videos since it seems she can do just about anything.

Yumemiru Adolescence – “DATE COUNT FIVE” (“Bye Bye My Days” coupling song, release date: March 18)

A lot of excitement surrounded the major debut single of Yumemiru Adolescence when it was revealed that Kenta Matsukuma (ex-BiS) would be producing it but, “DATE COUNT FIVE” which was filmed using smartphones, is a fascinating look behind the scenes of a group made up of teen fashion leaders. As an added bonus, a “secret choreographer” was used for the live performance of the song.

Yurumerumo! – “Hamidasumo” (release date: March 25)

Just like the shoyu water contamination panic depicted in the video, the MV for Yurumerumo!’s “Hamidasumo” kind of came out of nowhere. With the music handled by Hiroyuki Hayashi from POLYSICS, “Hamidasumo” was sonically as well as visually challenging to the senses. We still can’t get over them writing soy sauce as “soy source” but maybe we should let it go before Kechon throws a fireball at us? – “Chouzetsu Ultra☆HappyDays” (release date: March 26)

Choosing between “Gidagida da Zubuzubu da” and “Chouzetsu Ultra☆HappyDays” from’s campaign songs for the Ultraman-themed pachinko machine Ultra Battle Retsuden was not easy. Giant-sized Dempagumi roaming the streets of Akihabara and saving the world from asteroids or over-the-top silliness as the members fight over pudding? Giga Pudding!

Fudanjuku – “Shunkan Tourai Future” (release date: March 31)

Danso (cross-dressing) group Fudanjuku have a wild night at the National Museum in Ueno and welcome their newest member Kariyase Light in “Shunkan Tourai Future”. If only real press conferences in Japan were even 1/100th as cool as the one Fudanjuku is holding, maybe more people would watch the news?

Girls’ Band Category: 5572320 – “Hanseiki Yuutousei”

5572320 (read: go go nana ni san ni rei) aka Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku strapped on their guitars and got behind their drums, adding yet another reason to to long list of why they are amazing! The formation of the band was part of the 50th anniversary of Coconuts Sable biscuits and the launch of the brand’s new campaign to update their image. With so much put into making this song possible, more experienced bands like Chatmonchy or Draft King had no chance of taking their spot this month!

March has just come to an end and the sakura have started to bloom on the trees all over Japan but, the releases seem to never stop. While we stopped ourselves at 8 this time, will the list keep getting longer as the year continues? There were definitely quite a few amazing dance videos put out but, dance is only one component of what makes an interesting MV in our estimation. Let us know if there were any videos you thought we should have included.

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