Sakura Gakuin

Sakura Gakuin

An all-girls idol group, whose themes are school life and afterschool club activities, formed by chosen elementary and middle school girls on Amuse, a major entertainment production company.

Their “school regulations” include “go beyond idols, and become super ladies”, and “always burn 110% passion until graduation” and they are active in various fields of entertainment such as live shows, events, and magazine and TV appearances.

The group is limited to  pre-high school girls and the members are required to graduate from the group as they finish middle school, which is also the last year of compulsory education in Japan.

Current Members

  • Iida Raura
  • Horiuchi Marina
  • Sugisaki Nene
  • Sato Hinata
  • Mizuno Yui
  • Kikuchi Moa
  • Notsu Yunano
  • Taguchi Hana
  • Ooga Saki
  • Sugimoto Mariri
  • Isono Rinon

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