Tokyo Girls’ Update Recommend: Our Favorite MVs for Songs Released January 2016

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Tokyo Girls’ Update Recommend: Our Favorite MVs for Songs Released January 2016

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The first month of 2016 is pretty much done and it seems to have just flown by! Music releases for January got off to a pretty slow start but things got back up to speed as everyone began returning from the New Year’s holidays. December of 2015 had a few significant releases from Morning Musume. ’15 (“Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi/ENDLESS SKY/One and Only”), AKB48, X21 (“Magical☆Kiss”), POP (“Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky“), and Takoyaki Rainbow (“Kuri-bocchi ONEDAY!!“), but not quite enough to make a list like we had for the previous 11 months. Sorry. To make up for that, we held our first Music Video Award where we had several of our media partners nominate their favorite MVs of 2015 and asked our users to vote on them. How did you feel about the results?

Here are 10 of our favorite MVs for songs released in January of 2016 listed in chronological order according to their release date.

Rev.from DVL – “Okujo no Sukima Shiroi Sora” (release date: January 5)

Rev.from DVL welcomed new member Airi Ikematsu and took on a harder, more mature sound and look in the MV for “Okujo no Sukima Shiroi Sora”, which was composed by super producer Hyadain. Although it has a darker tone similar to “REAL” (release date: March 25, 2015), there does not seem to be a happy ending in “Okujo no Sukima Shiroi Sora”.

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Misaki Iwasa – “Gomenne, Tokyo” (release date: January 6)

AKB48’s enka soloist puts on her glamourous kimono once again, this time singing a wistful song of heartbreak as waves wash ashore. Enka may be a musical genre belonging to the older generations, but with artists like “Wasamin” providing a fresh face and youthful determination, could there be a revival coming soon? The MV for “Gomenne, Tokyo” is rather subtle, however with such stunning visuals of Japanese beauty accompanying the music, less is definitely more.

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Misaki Iwasa Tokuma Japan Official site:

Little Glee Monster – “Chiisa na Koi ga, Owatta” (release date: January 6)

Little Glee Monster stepped up their game by filming the MV for “Chiisa na Koi ga, Owatta” from their first album “Colorful Monster” in a cave with a long continuous shot while singing live! Following up on their impressively planned and executed MVs for “Girls be Free!” and “Suki da.”, it’s difficult to imagine if they could do anything even more amazing for the next one! For a group that can stand on their own with their musical talent, for them to have a team with the imagination and resources to create something equally captivating visually is something else!

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LADYBABY – “Age Age Money ~Ochingin Daisakusen~” (release date: January 13)

For their follow up to the whirlwind global success of “Nippon Manju”, LADYBABY document their first trip overseas to their sold-out lives in New York and Los Angeles in the United States while addressing the economics of the idol business. If you have ever wondered why your favorite artist has not come to perform wherever you live, the answer probably boils down to money. While others may try to appeal to hearts with songs of love, LADYBABY tells it like it is. Message aside, it’s great to see them interacting with their fans and running amok in the US. Is there a possibility of a future MV with footage from their other international performances coming soon?

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LADYBABY Official site:

BiSH – “MONSTERS” (release date: January 20)

BiSH more than lived up to expectations when they released a MV for their updated version of “MONSTERS” from their 2nd album “FAKE METAL JACKET”! Following the clues revealed by the title of the album (formerly “FULL METAL JACKET”) and their camouflage outfits, the members run through a field packed with pyrotechnics and engage their abusive drill sergeant in fisticuffs. While the pyrotechnics were still visible on screen, it was the group’s most ambitious MV to date, showing why they will be making their major label debut on avex trax on May 4, 2016. Given their strong start, it’s difficult to guess where BiSH goes from here but it should be exciting to watch!

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BiSH Official site:

Petit PASSPO☆ – “Zenryoku Swimmer” (release date: January 20)

Petit PASSPO☆ continues to be one of the stronger young groups that made their debut in 2015 with consistently entertaining MVs, catchy songs, and the support of their “big sister” group PASSPO☆. Deciding on a single MV from their 2nd single “Go Fight!Fly High!” was not easy since every song had one which was worthy in their own way. “Nekketsu Positive Revolution” used visual effects to transport them into a tabletop baseball game and “Go Fight!Fly High!” debuted their new outfits while following the members as they run through a school. However, “Zenryoku Swimmer” has Petit PASSPO☆ battling each other in a series of events poolside while wrapped in Speedo swimwear and was debuted during their emotional 1st one-man live at Roppongi Morph Tokyo on September 6, 2015.

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Petit PASSPO☆ Official site:

Yumemiru Adolescence – “Mai Jene” (release date: January 20)

Yumemiru Adolescence called together an all-star team of creators for their 3rd major label single “Mai Jene” with OKAMOTO’S and agehasprings working on the music, Papaya Suzuki providing choreography, and Smith directing the visuals. Temptation to put Akari Yamada’s solo song “Piyo Piyo Aka-Chamu Sando” on the list was fairly high but in the end, her snappy ode to cooking didn’t quite pan out.

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Yumemiru Adolescence Official site:

STEREO JAPAN – “Buddhist Bounce” (release date: January 23)

STEREO JAPAN managed to capture some of the atmosphere of their wild live performances while adding touches of traditional Japan to their EDM sound, but what stands out most has to be the breakdancing monks! With the members joining in while wearing furisode, the mood of the New Year festivities just boils over! The introduction of new regional group Stereo Fukuoka during their January 23rd release party for their 2nd EP “Ibiza” gives hope for what the rest of 2016 will have in store from the teen EDM group.

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predia – “Setsuna no Yoru no Naka de” (release date: January 27)

predia is known for their sexy MVs but in “Setsuna no Yoru no Naka de”, they have really turned things up! Capitalizing on lead vocalist Akane Minato’s handsome looks, they have her in dressed in mens clothing (danso) as she encounters a party where she is seduced by the other members, ending in her being revived by her female self! Packed with alluring closeups and a scenes of hips, lips, and fingertips set to a pulse-pounding dance track, this MV should be accompanied with a warning of possible sensory overload!

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Girls Band Category: Le Lien – “Zantetsuken” (release date: January 27)

Le Lien pick up their swords and lead you on a mission through hordes of men in black suits and sunglasses armed with baseball bats and metal pipes in the MV for “Zantetsuken”. With splashes of traditional Japanese instruments and a driving rhythm, it might just be what you need before engaging in some “spochan” (sports chanbara, fighting with padded samurai swords and other weapons)? It’s unfortunate that the full version wasn’t uploaded since the battle with the final boss looks like it would be really entertaining.

Le Lien Official site:

February is generally known as the coldest month of winter in Japan but there will be a lot of hot releases coming our way very soon! With Valentine’s Day also approaching, what kind of heart-thumping songs will be revealed? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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