Born Too Late? Tentenko is Releasing a VHS?!?! It’s Too Retro!

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Born Too Late? Tentenko is Releasing a VHS?!?! It’s Too Retro!

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Just when you thought you had Tentenko figured out, the ex-BiS member goes and does something even more surprising. With the MV for “Good bye,Good girl (pelly collo remix)”, she manages to take the original laid back VHS-quality music video and piles on more retro flavor, packing in more keyboard samples and bright oversaturated colors. It looks and sounds like something people would have thought was cutting-edge back in the 1980’s. There’s even a scene where the image stutters when it pauses!

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While the MV is already on Tentenko’s YouTube channel, it will also be included in her upcoming video “Good bye Good girl.vhs” (release date: March 20) which is actually on a VHS video tape! Does anyone even own one of those things anymore? People still use fax machines in Japan but it might be extremely difficult to get a VHS player that still works. Maybe Tentenko will sell them like how began selling cassette players after they started releasing their music on cassettes? Included on the VHS is a director’s cut of the remix video by Kazuki Homma as well as a video which was only available at Tentenko’s events during the summer of 2014.


Thankfully, for those who are too young to remember using a VHS regularly, Tentenko will also be releasing a CD with unreleased songs included with her new photo book “Piece of Dream ~Hanpa na Yume no Hitokakera ~ TENTENKO ZINE” starting March 16th with an event at Nakano Broadway. The CD includes 8 tracks which previously could have only been heard at events that Tentenko was DJing at. Those who buy the first several (quantity unspecified) copies of the photo book will get super rare signed goods like rubber cockroaches! Hopefully, Tentenko has some other random things to sign for those who can’t deal with bugs.

Track List
1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. FF
4. Rakugaki Muyou
5. Mae Narae
6. Pokemon
7.i wash my head

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